Explore New Career Paths with Our Military-to-Civilian Occupation Translator

Military service members facing transition from the military may wonder, “Which occupations am I qualified for in the civilian world?” When they use our military skills translator, many are surprised to learn that they possess the skills and expertise necessary to fill numerous civilian jobs within the U.S.

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Using the Occupation Index

With this information in mind, RecruitMilitary created a list detailing some of our top career placement options for transitioning military personnel. Each link will include the following:

  • Salary information
  • Recent hired military specialties
  • Brief description of responsibilies
  • Transferable skills
  • Department insights

Use RecruitMilitary as Part of Your Transition Strategy

Hiring managers and corporate recruiters are often surprised by the many roles transitioning military and veterans can successfully fill. They better understand the potential a military service member has and how veterans are well-suited for the most exclusive, skill-specific job openings available. If you need guidance on finding a career path at the end of your military career, RecruitMilitary can help.

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