RecruitMilitary connects employers with high-quality veteran talent.

We provide the spark that ignites organizations to excel, by helping them hire and retain America's best talent — its veterans. Sign up and discover the demand for mission-oriented, disciplined men and women.


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How do we connect talent with opportunity?

RecruitMilitary’s goal is to engage transitioning and civilian-experienced military veteran men and women in the most meaningful way. Some will discover new possibilities in our magazine, others will target jobs through our website, and still others will find success face-to-face with employers at our job fairs.

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Welcome to the largest single-source veteran database. With over 1,000,000 registered veterans, RecruitMilitary is the clear go-to for companies seeking people like you.


Gain access to the largest single-source veteran database available. Search profiles of qualified candidates, post jobs, reach out through targeted email campaigns, and even build a branded presence on our site.


Job Seekers

We publish Search & Employ®, a bimonthly print and digital magazine designed to help transitioning military, National Guard and Reserve members, and their spouses find jobs, opportunities, and continuing education.


Take the opportunity to be featured in Search & Employ®. Your article or ad will appear in 50,000 print copies that are distributed every two months, as well as in the digital version and emailed newsletter.

Job Fairs

Job Seekers

For nearly a decade we have perfected the art of the veteran job fair. We provide a unique experience that opens doors to careers with employers who understand the value of the veteran population.


With over 100 job fairs in 60+ markets each year, RecruitMilitary understands how to help you find success.

More Details?

RecruitMilitary is the nation’s leading veteran hiring company, and we want to help you. Tell us whether you are looking for a job or looking to hire, and we’ll give you more of the details that matter most to you.

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Our Network Continues to Grow

Creating a support structure that gets the right people in the right positions.

Ad Agencies

The top recruitment and employment branding agencies have recommended RecruitMilitary to their clients for the past 17+ years. We speak your language, understand your deliverables and your deadlines. We also grant head-of-the-line privileges to our agency partners when it comes to RFP responses, product queries, and reporting analytics.

Why us?

There is no better way to reach the job-seeking military-experienced audience. Through channels we have created and grown, you’ll give your clients creative flexibility to extend their outreach.

Get an analysis overview

Tell us what your client is trying to accomplish, and we’ll provide a planning packet with pricing options and the rationale behind our recommendations.

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RecruitMilitary can connect you directly with a continuous stream of qualified veterans who are actively seeking to leverage their enhanced benefits with appropriate educational opportunities.

Find the right students

Almost all enlisted personnel on active duty have a high school diploma or equivalent. So transitioning personnel are well-prepared for formal, civilian post-secondary education / training.

Reach them at the right time

Recruit men and women who are transitioning from active duty to civilian life now—before they actually leave the service—when they are making critical civilian career decisions.

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200,000+ men and women transition out of the military each year. RecruitMilitary can get you in front of that fresh flow of potential franchisees — men and women who possess the initiative and self-discipline to succeed with their own business.

Readily funded

Through programs such as VetFran and the SBA Patriot Express Loan Program, veterans have an easier time than civilians obtaining necessary investment funds.

Ready to move

Most transitioning veterans have a military pension and other retirement benefits. So, in addition to their training and experience, they bring risk tolerance to the game.

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Government Agencies

We have proven success in connecting government agencies with military talent, offering exclusive discounted pricing available.

Trusted Contractor

RecruitMilitary creates, produces, and coordinates all of our services, with a proven track record that gives our partners confidence. This, together with established relationships with more than 20,000 companies and government agencies, means our pricing is competitive and our return on investment is the best in the business.

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