Project Manager

Many service members transition into civilian careers as project managers because the nature and scope of responsibilities are very similar. A project manager is typically responsible for the planning, procurement, and execution of a project and is usually the initial point of contact for the ultimate success of the project as well as any discrepancies or issues. A commissioned or senior non-commissioned officer, like a project manager, will have experience managing a team and will be able to best deploy the expertise of each person on their team as well as direct their essential roles and overall chemistry.


The project manager is the primary point of contact for an entire project/process from start to finish. Candidates will be expected to liaise between their team and assigned clients or internal departments. They ensure the work is done on time, within budget, and in conformance with customer and/or company requirements.

Skills You Will Bring to the Job/Typical Duties:

  • Assure availability of and allocate resources
  • Identify opportunities through product/process analysis
  • Create, maintain, and meet established project schedules
  • Ensure cross-functional commitments and resolve escalations
  • Coordinate and work with manufacturers, vendors, and contractors
  • Define, communicate, manage, and document scope of each project
  • Coordinate and manage the development of costing and subcontracts
  • Analyze and oversee contractual/legal obligations to customers/vendors/regulatory agencies
  • Negotiate, define, communicate, implement, and monitor quality standards on all project deliverables
  • Lead multifunctional teams including (but not limited to): engineering, sales, marketing, purchasing, quality assurance and vendors
  • Build positive relations with and provide support for clients and/or internal departments and associates