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Looking to connect current military, veterans, or military spouses with the best jobs for veterans? RecruitMilitary works with a variety of different organizations to bring the military community into their hiring and promotion processes.

Ad Agencies

For over 30 years, RecruitMilitary has helped millions of military job seekers connect with organizations across the globe. Recruitment and employment branding agencies know they can trust that they are accessing a massive pool of highly talented candidates when they work with us. Our online database, virtual and in-person career fairs, website advertising, bi-monthly digital magazine, and other resources give agencies the tools they need to reach the candidates they and their clients want.

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Work with RecruitMilitary to promote your higher education, vocational training, certifications, and other opportunities to members of the military community who are looking to further their education and careers. Many of the job-seekers we work with are just beginning the process of transitioning to civilian life, which means they’re making crucial decisions about their future right now – making this the perfect time to make them aware of your educational offerings.

Government Agencies

RecruitMilitary has worked with countless local, state, and federal agencies to find job-seeking members of the military community for important positions. We offer unfettered access to current and former military members, as well as military spouses. Because we do not buy our contacts through distributors or subcontractors, the costs you incur from working with us are low – allowing you to save taxpayer dollars.

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