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See success stories from veterans, transitioning military service members, and military spouses who used RecruitMilitary in their job search.

U.S. Army Veteran

“Aside from the opportunities present, I was surprised by how many employers were there, looking to obviously hire veterans and support the veteran and military community. Everybody was ready to interview. They were ready to hire. It was definitely a pleasant surprise.

When I found QED at the job fair, it was a no-brainer. For one, their recruiter was a retired command sergeant major in the Army. The instant connection that I had with him really drew me in. I literally sat down with the branch manager and had a 35-minute interview right there onsite. I wasn’t expecting on-site interviews, but I certainly was excited for that opportunity.

I really appreciated the personalized care I received from RecruitMilitary in preparing for the job fair. They made sure my resume was up to date and I had my “ducks in a row” before the job fair.

This was probably the best career move I’ve ever made, just to be honest with you.”

Military Spouse

“The experience working with RecruitMilitary was absolutely phenomenal. It was very simple. Lots of communication, which I really love. I was reminded often of the resources out there and the events coming up.

During one career fair (I think it was the very first one that I attended) I went to the [virtual] room for a small contractor company. At the time, none of the positions they had posted were applicable to my skill set. But I engaged and they asked for my resume, so I sent it over.

A month or so later, I got an email from one of the gentlemen that was moderating the room. Long story short, that interview led to two soft offers during the interview at two different locations. One for my current duty station and one for the duty station I was going to. If it hadn’t been for that RecruitMilitary career fair, I wouldn’t have any offers.”

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