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Job Fair Tips - and a Great New App

Robert Walker is vice president of sales at RecruitMilitary and a veteran of the United States Army. He is available at .

Employers that attend our RecruitMilitary Job Fairs in the next 12 months will almost certainly extend more than 15,000 job offers as a result of their attendance. Will one of...

May-June 2016, Search & Employ®

Basic Networking - 7 Fast Tips

Networking is a great tool for landing a job, and in many surveys it's even noted as the top way people find their next career. Technology can help you build a network, but the process still proceeds contact by contact. As you work to transition to a new career, try to use these tips to help you...

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Building a profile that delivers

When you register as a job candidate on our website, you should use great care in filling out your registration profile—and then you should keep your profile current. The reason? Employers search our database of registered candidates for potential employees, and the first set of search results...

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