Maintenance Supervisor

Many maintenance focused comissioned and non-comissioned officers often transition into civilian careers leading maintenance operations. Service members who have managed teams to produce specifc results, improved a process and/or kept equipment functioning make exceptional candidates for maintenance leadership.


Maintenance supervisors are responsible for planning, organizing and supervising all aspects of the preventative and restorative maintenance of all equipment. Candidates are expected to act as a liaison for company-customer or company-vendor relationships.

Skills You Will Bring to the Job/Typical Duties:

  • Ensure consistent product quality, productivity and safety
  • Monitor all equipment downtime and determine the root cause
  • Provide support for troubleshooting and resolving daily problems
  • Ensure predictive maintenance is planned, properly performed and documented
  • Assist with the evaluation of sub-contractors for equipment installations and modifications
  • Lead maintenance team members through improvement projects and mentor their career growth
  • Develop and implement continuous improvement activities that address safety, quality and efficiency
  • Evaluate, schedule and prioritize maintenance work orders and seek out opportunities for continuous improvement to prevent equipment downtime
  • Make assignments and monitor progress, coordinate training and schedules and develop associates in their area of responsibility