Logistics / Distribution Specialist

Many service members transition into civilian careers as logistics, supply, or distribution specialists. Both commissioned and non-commissioned officers in the military conduct similar tasks to logistics/distribution specialists in the civilian world.


Logistics/distribution specialists are responsible for the monitoring and managing costs, efficiencies, productivity, and all product transfer associated with company distribution and inventory. Candidates are expected to act as a liaison for company-customer or company-vendor relationships.

Skills That You Will Bring to the Job/Typical Duties:

  • Develop work schedules and coordinate all distribution center activities
  • Monitor and develop ways to improve operating costs and material estimates
  • Monitor and resolve all attendance, performance, safety and policy violation issues
  • Ensure the timeliness of approved orders to be shipped and the compliance of carriers with pick-up commitments
  • Maintain an exact count of all inventories and ensure they, along with all equipment, are properly protected against loss or damage
  • Develop operational and procedural changes to improve distribution efficiency and exceed productivity performance