Field Service Technician

Many NCOs and enlisted technicians transition into civilian careers as field service technicians. The duties of non-commissioned officers and enlisted technicians in the military are very similar to a field service technician in the civilian world. The main difference is the type of equipment that the technician is servicing/maintaining/repairing is for civilian purposes rather than war fighting/defense.


Field service technicians are responsible for the installation, maintenance, operation, troubleshooting, repair and client training of equipment in an assigned territory. Responsibilities may also include training a plant’s maintenance team or other key colleagues on how to perform equipment maintenance.

Skills You Will Bring to the Job/Typical Duties:

  • Install, adjust, troubleshoot and repair equipment as assigned
  • Write clear, concise daily reports to management on job progress
  • Estimate site/project manpower requirements for jobs
  • Assist in designated repair shop when no field service work is available
  • Utilize testing equipment, wiring diagrams and applications/tools available
  • Establish a preventative maintenance schedule to be carried out regularly
  • Escalate difficult-to-solve problems to the designated technical support group
  • Train customer personnel in the proper procedures for operating and maintaining products
  • Assure that customers problems are handled with minimal delay and within the allotted time
  • Monitor time and material charged to each job and maintain accurate records of work-scope performed against quoted values