Maintenance Technician

Many NCOs and enlisted technicians transition into civilian careers as maintenance technicians. The duties of non-commissioned officers and enlisted technicians in the military are very similar to a maintenance technician in the civilian world. The main difference is the type of equipment the technician is servicing/maintaining/repairing is for civilian purposes rather than war fighting/defense.


The maintenance technician installs, troubleshoots, repairs and maintains production and facility equipment. Responsibilities may also include training production technicians or other key colleagues and providing input on action items.

Skills You Will Bring to the Job/Typical Duties:

  • Perform emergency/unscheduled repairs of equipment
  • Install, adjust, troubleshoot and repair equipment as assigned
  • Replace faulty parts, electrical wires, motors, controls and circuit boards
  • Comply with safety regulations and maintain a neat and orderly work area
  • Operate a variety of hand and power tools to repair, grease, weld, cut as required
  • Diagnose malfunctioning machinery, determine repairs, test and make adjustments
  • Perform regular preventive maintenance on machines, equipment and plant facilities
  • Dismantle equipment to gain access to and remove defective parts using hoist, cranes, hand tools and power tools, and replace and install parts as needed
  • May be required to pass an electrical/electronics, mechanical and/or technological qualification exam as part of the interview process