Placement Services Candidate Modules & Resources

###Welcome to RecruitMilitary Placement Services.
Your military background has given you skills that translate to the civilian workplace, and we are here to guide the way.

Read these modules to prepare for your career journey, specifically as a candidate in our Placement Services program:

- **Module 1: Program Overview**
- **Module 2: Activate Your Job Search**
- **Module 3: Prepare Your Resume**
- **Module 4: Interview Preparation**

###Additional Resources for your job search & transition:

- [Create a Winning Resume](
- [Read Search & Employ® Digital Magazine](
- [Attend a Resume Webinar](
- [Learn about your veteran benefits](

###See success stories of job seekers like you!

- ["Match-Making" Veterans & Employers](
- [I Went from JMO to Private Sector](
- [How to Cut Through a Saturated Job Market & Find a Job You Love](
- [Does My Military Network Really Work When it's Time to Find a Job?](