Expert Services to Help Your Company Recruit Veterans

The expert employment team at RecruitMilitary offers you multiple ways to take advantage of our resources and know-how. We can quickly match your organization with qualified members of the military community, saving you untold time and money.

Placement Services

Our managed services save time and money by delivering qualified candidates and shortening the time to fill open positions. There’s no sifting through stacks of resumes, and the process doesn’t drain your internal resources.

RecruitMilitary is the leader in connecting employers with the military community. Streamline your hiring process by leveraging our network of pre-established connections with military candidates. This ensures a swift and efficient recruitment process, contributing to a low time-to-fill rate for your company when hiring veterans.

  • Engineering
  • Sales
  • Cybersecurity
  • Operations
  • Logistics
  • Aerospace and defense
  • Retail

Candidates come from both officer and enlisted ranks and possess the leadership and technical skills that are the most sought-after by our clients.

Our methods work well for unique hiring challenges, large-volume vacancies, or hard-to-fill openings requiring special qualifications or in high-demand fields. View our client feedback to see why.

Client Feedback

No one surpasses the military when it comes to equipping its personnel with valuable, real-world skills. Veterans bring finely honed leadership abilities, a proven track record of delivering results, and a collaborative spirit essential for successful teamwork. Moreover, hiring veterans offers added benefits, including workforce diversity, tax breaks, and adherence to OFCCP compliance standards.

Our recruiting services excel at optimizing the balance between cost, speed, and quality, refining your interview-to-hire ratio for optimal results. Say goodbye to the challenge of vacant leadership, operational, or technical positions.

  • RecruitMilitary Service Solution (RMS²)
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    • Access to RecruitMilitary Career Fairs
    • 200k Diversity & Veteran Candidates
    • Expansive Mil-Spouse Network
    • A.I. Enhanced Job Board
    • Digital Branding & Solution Suite
    • Exclusive Concierge Service
    • ...and more!

The gap between when talent is needed and when it’s found can be expensive. A slow recruiting process can cause ripple effects across an organization:

  • Lost productivity, experience, skills, and leadership
  • Employee frustration, increased workloads, and low morale
  • Lower customer satisfaction
  • Higher turnover

The good news? Recruiting and placing candidates is more cost-effective than dealing with prolonged vacancies.

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Team up with a dedicated recruiter who understands your hiring needs inside out. They’ll create a customized plan to find the best candidates for you.

We handle all the details, from negotiating with candidates to setting up interviews. You just focus on finding the right fit for your team.

You’ll only pay once the position is expertly filled with a qualified veteran candidate. You retain full control throughout the entire process, ensuring that only candidates who perfectly align with your requirements are hired.

Our recruiters are seasoned subject matter experts, many of whom are veterans themselves. Fluent in the language of the military, they possess a nuanced understanding of the diverse skill sets former service members bring to the table. With a keen grasp of military occupational specialties (MOS), they adeptly match military careers to civilian roles, alleviating the burden of resume deciphering for your team.


RecruitMilitary Service Solution (RMS²) offers a market-disrupting approach to veteran hiring. With our extensive expertise, RecruitMilitary is your veteran hiring program.

Use Our Access and Expertise

RMS² is RecruitMilitary’s managed service, offering strategic solutions to employers seeking to increase the quantity and quality of military-experienced talent coming into their organization. A designated Client Strategist aligns our resources to support each employer’s veteran communication and engagement programs throughout the term.

As a team comprised of veterans and military spouses, with over 50 combined years of experience in the veteran recruiting space, we understand our talent pool better than anyone.

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  • RMS² partner
    Elizabeth Toledo, HR Director

    “I absolutely appreciate all that RecruitMilitary Service Solution has done for my company – bringing on successful leaders, helping us better understand the veterans or military who are transitioning back into the workspace, and making sure that we have the best fits for both sides.”

  • RMS² partner
    Sarah Thacker, Senior Talent Acquisition Leader

    “I think one of the best things about RecruitMilitary Service Solution is just the strong partnership with RecruitMilitary’s Client Strategist. For me as a leader, it helps to know my team can reach out to them for training or a walkthrough.”

  • RecruitMilitary Service Solution (RMS²)
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    May Include
    • Access to RecruitMilitary Career Fairs
    • 1.5M Veteran & Diversity Candidates
    • Expansive Spouse Network
    • A.I. Enhanced Job Board
    • Digital Solution Suite
    • Print and Digital Branding
    • Exclusive Concierge Service
    • ... and more!

Structured to Support Your Needs

Whether you need talent with specific skill sets or diversity hires, we can help. By focusing on your end goal, veteran hiring, we will customize a plan for your needs and conduct analysis to ensure a return on investment.

Whether you need the convenience of a virtual event or are looking to attend an in-person event, you can count on our veteran career fairs to deliver high-quality candidates.

With 1.5 million job-seeking veterans, military spouses, and current service members, our job board offers access to the largest single-source military talent pool available. Your Client Strategist can help with everything from creating search criteria to writing job descriptions for a military audience.

We understand our audience. Whether appearing in RecruitMilitary’s Search & Employ® digital magazine or an ad placement on one of our high-traffic web pages, your Client Strategist will recommend tools that best align with your brand and goals.

Our Client Strategists are subject matter experts because they are veterans and military spouses, too. They speak the language of the military and understand both the hard and soft skills that former service members possess.

Each veteran, military spouse, and current service member possesses unique and specific military experiences. When our system identifies an incoming candidate who meets your search criteria, we will send a welcome message on your behalf, ensuring a timely introduction.

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