4 Tips to Stand Out at a Job Fair

“I went to a career fair and was told to apply online.”

We hear this feedback from frustrated job candidates at our job fairs from time to time. We get it! It’s frustrating to be asked to apply online when you are right there in person. The truth is that being asked to apply online is a good thing. 

Companies that are larger in size are required to have their recruiters gather applications electronically for a couple of reasons:

  1. To obtain HR information as required by law.
  2. To direct desirable candidates to different departments.

Why not skip the job fair and just apply online?

Simply put: Networking. Meeting the recruiters allows you to practice your elevator pitch, learn what’s hot in the job market, and discover what employers are seeking in candidates. Then, you can tailor your resume and online application to their specific needs.

4 Tips to Stand Out at the Job Fair

Making a strong impression at the job fair starts well before the event itself. See this checklist to ensure you’re ready before the in-person job fair.

Tip 1: Talk to each employer. Have your personal QR code and elevator pitch ready to share. Don’t skip the companies you don’t recognize – you never know where you will find your next opportunity or connection.

Tip 2: Be an active listener. This means engaging in eye-contact and making note of any instructions from the recruiter.  It’s easy to be eager and unintentionally miss important information by talking rather than listening.

Tip 3: Stay positive. Even if you are told to apply online, think of this as a test from the recruiter to to see how interested you are in the specific opportunity. Remember, a recruiter would not ask you to apply online if they were not interested, so thank them and move to the next booth.

Tip 4. Show perseverance. After the event, immediately apply for the positions and send a thank-you email to your contact at the career fair. Include something specific to your conversation, which will help them to remember you out of all the other people they spoke with that day. After they receive your email, they will be watching for your online application to come across their desk.

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