Networking at the Career Fair Helped Me Get “In the Door” at My New Job

“The DAV|RecruitMilitary job fair made a huge difference for me and my family.” 

After 20 years in the mortgage industry, LaVette Parks was laid off from her underwriting job. “There were thousands of people in my same industry, specifically mortgage underwriters, that were laid off as a result of the rate increases. Eighty percent of the refinance market dried up overnight,” Parks said. “I had been out of work for several months when I heard about the DAV|RecruitMilitary job fair. I was looking for local job fairs and I decided to sign up.”  

Married to a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, Parks realized she was eligible for other RecruitMilitary resources, including free webinars that would help her prep her resume and feel ready for the job fair.    

Parks went from unemployed to loving her new career as an insurance adjuster by attending a DAV|RecruitMilitary job fair. 

How did you prepare for the DAV|RecruitMilitary job fair?  

LaVette Parks: I went to the RecruitMilitary site and created a job seeker profile. From there, they helped me with job search prep, showed me how to search postings on the RecruitMilitary job board, and provided a live webinar to help prep my resume.

What was your experience at the job fair? 

LP: I came to the event early and was able to check out all the different vendors. There were businesses there from so many industries. It was wonderful to see. The exhibitors ranged from hospitality, to machinists, to IT (Information Technology), to insurance, which is where I am now.  

How did the DAV|RecruitMilitary job fair help you find your job?  

LP: The DAV|RecruitMilitary job fair] was the reason I was able to get into the door at my new company. I talked to USAA at their booth. Even though they encouraged me to apply online, I made a personal connection that day, which got me on the fast track to employment. After the career fair, I applied online for a couple of positions including customer service, auto claims, and homeowner’s claims.   

 They reached out to start the hiring process. We scheduled a Zoom interview and things moved quickly from there. Now, I’m licensed as an auto insurance claims adjuster and am learning the USAA way.  

 What do you enjoy about your new career? 

LP: My new career gives me the opportunity to build on the skills that I had in the mortgage industry. At USAA, there are so many avenues to use those skills, forward my career, and build it any way I want.   

My favorite thing about working for USAA is their focus on military personnel and their family. I love being able to help every day. It’s just a perfect fit for me and my personality.  

 What advice do you have for other job seekers from the military community? 

LP: I think that military spouses and veterans should attend, whether they’re virtual or in person, because the whole focus of DAV|RecruitMilitary job fairs is on military and military families. The companies attending the job fair want to meet people with that background.   


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