Engaging Veteran Talent for Project Management Roles

Engaging Veteran Talent for Project Management Roles

As a quickly growing organization with a limited organic audience, hiring at scale was a challenge for GPRS.

I’m focused on growth,” said Sarah, senior talent acquisition leader at GPRS. Not just the hires for the next couple of months, but how we seed the garden for what we need in the next couple of years, because we want veteran talent to fill our roles. We know that there’s success with that. How do we prepare for more growth and more hiring? 

Our Solution

RecruitMilitary Service Solution (RMS²) offered branding and engagement in the military-to-civilian space, as well as training, job fairs, and an ever-replenishing candidate database. GPRS used each of these tools to increase their outreach into the military community. 

“We knew we needed to increase our brand across the veteran community. We also know many veterans have great skill sets for our organization,” said Sarah. Part of their strategy with RecruitMilitary included using the database to source project managers from across the U.S. Sarah explained that “The team can use the search alerts to find resumes, whether it’s for a current or a future hiring need.” 


Partnering with RecruitMilitary and utilizing the tools available allowed GPRS to increase broad scale hiring and engagement with the military community.

We’ve hired many veterans. Now, when we open a new position, we add it to the RecruitMilitary job board and resume database, and watch the search alerts come in.”

Senior talent Acquisition Leader

When a company like ours is growing, we need to be able to focus on immediate priorities. Our partnership with RecruitMilitary allows us to work through marketing campaigns, messaging, advertorials, and advertisements. These aspects are critical, and having bi-weekly meetings with my RecruitMilitary Client Strategist keeps military hiring right at the top of my to-do list.

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