Why Hire Veterans?

The short answer is: It just makes good business sense.

One hiring professional we spoke with calls veterans “Leaders in a box,” remarking, “They fit just about everywhere. Most are college-educated, many served under strenuous circumstances, saw combat action, and can use resources well.” What could be better than that?

There are many reasons to hire a military veteran, including

Transitioning and veteran military share a common set of characteristics that make them great civilian employees, including leadership, initiative, self-discipline, teamwork, and an excellent work ethic. Tapping this pool of skilled, disciplined, and hardworking former service members is the logical step for any employer that wants to “work smart.” Military veterans:

- Work efficiently within an organizational system;
- Have already been through rigorous training and completed it satisfactorily;
- Have the skills to deal with people and numbers under pressure;
- Are well-versed in small unit leadership at an early stage of their career, giving them more experience and maturity than their civilian counterparts of the same age.
- Some have experienced combat. How much more stressful can your business be?

In addition, a high proportion of veterans also have the security clearances necessary for working in certain civilian jobs.

Active-duty military personnel are a diverse group with equally diverse skills, with 20% African-American, 9% Hispanic, and 15% women. In addition, if you are a federal contractor or subcontractor, the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) requires that your company take affirmative action to recruit, hire, promote, and retain veterans that fall into certain groups.

Employers looking to hire veterans as their go-to source for filling positions will find that they are already well ahead of the game.

In today’s business climate, time is money. When it’s important to find top talent quickly, as well as attract and retain the right people with the right skills, employers will save time and money if they set out to hire veterans at the get-go.

Why? Those intangible qualities mentioned above result in a shorter learning curve, even if a veteran is placed in a new role. Furthermore, working with a veteran recruiting firm such as RecruitMilitary may make the selection process go even faster, with access to a large pool of veteran talent -- the sourcing equivalent of “one-stop shopping.” These firms also provide access to veterans in a variety of ways, including veteran job fairs; veteran resume database searches; email and newsletter targeting; and search by on-site recruiters filling specific job orders.

Many companies want to be perceived as military-friendly employers, whether or not they plan on implementing a solid veteran hiring program. One employer noted in a study on veteran hiring by the Center for a New American Security said, “We think it’s good to associate our brand with the military brand, which is our country’s most trusted institution. It’s good for our brand’s reputation.”

We have left for last one of the most often cited reasons in commentary on military-to-civilian recruitment: Hire veterans as a way of giving them a helping hand to repay them for their service and sacrifice. One HR director put it this way: “We are an American company, and hiring veterans is the right thing to do.”

A great sentiment, but the real reason you should hire veterans is simply because they make great employees. Hiring Veterans may just be the best thing you can do to help your company grow and advance in today’s marketplace.