Our Sourcing Tools Deliver the Best Way to Hire Veterans

The Best Way to Hire Veterans

Just like in real estate, location, location, location is the name of the game when searching for the best way to hire veterans. Where companies source candidates directly impacts how many veterans they’ll find. There are currently 18.8 million veterans in today’s job market, with 250,000 more joining their ranks each year.

Losing Veterans in the Crowd

One problem with generic recruiting sites and job boards is that the veteran population melts too easy into their depths, making them harder to identify and source. Roughly 5% of the candidates on these boards are veterans. However, 8% of the population comprises veterans. Using standard-variety job boards means missing out on 560,000 veterans. That number doesn’t even include the 6.2 million (15.6%) veterans who are underemployed but may be looking to find roles with more range.

Think Before Sourcing

When deciding where to find candidates, bear in mind that a company can inherit the characteristics of the vehicles it deploys. If there is no easily discoverable veteran presence on a traditional job board, a company could inherit and absorb those demographics into their workforce because of where they’re looking. The reverse is true as well: a company with an active veteran population and hiring program can create its own passive candidate pool.

Veterans are part of a strong alumni network which they frequently deploy when searching for jobs. Companies that hire veterans from Bradley-Morris/RecruitMilitary often gain referrals from those hires to fill other roles. They become important liaisons to a talent pipeline of more veterans.

We Are Veterans Too

By leveraging a niche recruiting firm like Bradley-Morris/RecruitMilitary, companies can tap directly into a specific candidate base. Turnkey solutions make it easy for organizations seeking candidates with special qualifications, security clearances and more. We understand the nuances implicit in a veteran’s background that qualifies them to lead teams, manage projects, and supervise operations. Why? Because we are veterans, too.

Much of military training happens at work instead of in a classroom. While veterans may not have direct experience or share the same background, education, or pedigree as other candidates, they have the experience to step into new roles and learn very quickly.

We’re also experts at sourcing “accidental stealth” candidates who have held combat, technical, or classified roles that typically don’t show up on a jobs tab, but who nevertheless possess valuable technical training and important soft skills.

Bradley-Morris/RecruitMilitary clients gain exposure to the veteran community with a variety of solutions that simplifying the hiring process, saving them time and money.

I was having trouble finding qualified candidates that would relocate to our somewhat remote city. I contacted BMI/RM to initiate their service and had a former Marine start about three weeks later. BMI/RM did exactly what they said they’d be able to do for my company! (Aerospace recruiter)

Bradley-Morris/RecruitMilitary has a team that is efficient, smart, and in tune with our requirements. They have a deep pool of candidates to choose from and I will continue to staff the team with BMI/RM. (Environmental Services recruiter)

Seek solutions that place veterans front and center instead of where they are lost in the crowd. Find out how Bradley-Morris can source the right candidates for your opportunities.