Award Brings Credibility to Veteran Hiring Initiatives

Once again, Bradley-Morris earned recognition for its veteran hiring initiative. For a second consecutive year, the company received the HIRE Vets Medallion award from the United States Department of Labor. It is the sole honor awarded at the federal level for hiring veterans. Enacted in 2017, the Honoring Investments in Recruiting American Military Veterans Act of 2017 (HIRE Vets Act) recognizes employer efforts to recruit, employ and retain veterans.

Honoring Veteran Hiring Initiatives

In its inaugural year of 2018, Bradley-Morris received the Gold Medallion. In 2019, 427 employers won for hiring more than 52,000 veterans since 2017.

Secretary of Labor Eugene Scalia hosted the awards ceremony at the Department’s headquarters in Washington, D.C. “The recipients of the 2019 HIRE Vets Medallion Awards demonstrate a commitment to hiring veterans and helping them develop meaningful, long-term careers,” said Scalia. “From small-town businesses to Fortune 500 companies, these employers understand that veterans are uniquely qualified and dedicated employees who make significant contributions in the workplace.”


Awards Criteria

Award recipients meet rigorous employment and veteran integration assistance criteria. With a veteran unemployment rate currently lower than the civilian rate, that takes a concerted effort. First of all, veteran hiring and retention percentages and availability of veteran-specific resources are required. Secondly, leadership programming for veterans dedicated human resource efforts are considered. Additionally, compensation and tuition assistance programs for veterans factor in as well.

Michael Arsenault is the Senior Vice-President of Organizational Development for Bradley-Morris, Inc. and its subsidiaries, RecruitMilitary and MBA Veterans. “We support the establishment of a federal program that recognizes employers for their efforts to recruit, employ, and retain veterans.  Many employers see the value in hiring veterans for their technical skills, ability to adapt, and leadership experience. This program is a great way for those companies to signal their commitment to veteran hiring and retention.”

Walking the Walk

An early champion of the initiative, Bradley-Morris consulted with the Department of Labor weeks after the bill was passed to help establish the criteria and competition framework. Bradley-Morris is the only HIRE Vets award recipient with a comprehensive suite of services and products aimed solely at hiring veterans. And because we are veterans, too, we embody the ideals supporting the HIRE Vets Medallion Program in principle and in practice for more than two decades.

Accepting the Award

Chris Newsome, a senior vice president at Bradley-Morris/RecruitMilitary accepted the award on behalf of the company. “It was a genuine honor to represent Bradley-Morris/RecruitMilitary at the second annual HIRE Vets Medallion Program award ceremony,” he said. “Like the other employers who received recognition that day, we feel a sense of pride knowing that we practice what we preach. The military community is the best talent pool available. Beyond appreciating the great work being done by Corporate America to hire and retain our Nation’s warriors and their families, we will be active participants and continue to do the same within our own organization.”

Helping Companies Get Recognized 

It’s no secret that high performers help drive revenue and raise a company’s bottom line. That’s why securing the highest-quality talent is of paramount importance. Many organizations turn to the veteran talent pool to meet their needs.

Bradley-Morris has a proven track record of helping its clients receive the recognition they deserve for their commitment to hiring military veterans. That includes Proseal America, a fellow 2019 honoree. The worldwide manufacturer in the food packaging industry needed highly trained service technicians and hiring veterans provided the right solution. A consistent stream of veteran hires supplied by Bradley-Morris learned and moved quickly up Proseal’s four-level tiered advancement program. That led to a higher ROI for the organization. Within one year, Bradley-Morris candidates nearly lapped other service techs in terms of progress.

Interested in Pursuing This Award? Our Webinar Can Help 

If you are looking to gain national recognition for your commitment to hiring veterans, let us help you compete for a HIRE Vets Medallion.

View our webinar recording where we share the steps we took, and our success in helping some of our partner organizations become recipients of this award.

Applications for the 2020 HIRE Vets Medallion Program opened to employers on January 31, 2020.