Home-Based Franchises: Ideal for Veterans and Their Spouses

**By David E. Omholt, a franchise advisor with Veteran Franchise Centers (VFC) – a RecruitMilitary strategic partner. VFC offers a free service to veterans looking to learn more about the franchise buying process and options in the market. Omholt is a Certified Franchise Executive (CFE) and a frequent speaker on the subject of franchising on talk shows, at industry conferences, and on college campuses. He has been both a franchise licensor and a franchise licensee.** **************************************************************************************** It is very touching to see servicemen and -women reunite with their families after long overseas deployments. It is never easy for families to be apart; and, while distance can make the heart grow fonder, it can also put a heavy strain on relationships. Such is the price many members of the military and their families pay for defending the freedom of our country. And when they retire from their military duties, many veterans are left wondering where their next mission in life will lead them. For thousands of veterans, franchising is the ideal choice Veterans thrive in franchise systems. They have a unique combination of leadership, an ability to make tough decisions under pressure, and an ability to follow processes to reach a goal. ###NEW LEASE ON LIFE For veterans and their spouses who want a new life together after the military, home-based franchising is an outstanding option. It provides the freedom that comes with owning a business, plus a very high level of flexibility. Home-based franchise owners can work at their own pace, set their own work hours, and determine the size of their businesses. They can even hire daily operational staff to take care of the core business needs, giving them even more time to take a step back and focus on managerial functions. ###FAMILY-LIKE BUSINESS In the line of duty, you and your comrades were like brothers and sisters – you formed bonds in the most difficult situations. Similar family-like structures can also form in well-run franchising operations. From the top down, franchising succeeds because it is one big support system. While commandments come from the top, everyone is there for everyone else – and that is what makes the system so great. Franchisors are there to provide training and other support to franchisees, and the franchisees, in turn, pass that on to their staffs – and to other franchise owners. The support system thrives as all parties lean on one another to ensure that processes are followed properly to optimize results. ###SPOUSES ALSO BENEFIT Spouses of active and retired servicemembers often have difficulty finding employment because of frequent moves, job-market realignments, and problems in attaining state licenses and certifications. Home-based franchising can enable such spouses to attain steady, secure careers. For military spouses, flexibility is the key benefit of home-based franchise ownership. Spouses can set their hours to revolve around the needs of their families – while earning good incomes and taking care of their business responsibilities. Best of all, if they need to move, they do not necessarily need to let their existing clientele bases go; many home-based franchises do not assign territory restrictions. For spouses of military veterans who buy franchises, the situation is similar – only this time, they have the option of working alongside their spouses. Because franchising thrives in supportive, team-oriented environments, franchising is an excellent way for veterans and their spouses to partner toward a common goal. ###WIDE ARRAY OF CHOICES When choosing a franchise for yourself, it is important to consider only those that fit well with your skills, core interests, and budget. When partnering with your spouse to select a franchise, be sure to take the same approach as you would when buying a house or car. That is, to go in with a few “musts” and be ready to make some concessions to find your ideal mutual choice. There are a vast variety of home-based franchises. Cleaning services, children’s activities, personal training, pet services, gardening, and online businesses are some of the most popular. A quick Internet search will give you dozens of other options that have been successful. ###REDUCED FEES, GREAT SUPPORT In addition to providing the perks of being your own boss and setting your own hours, many home-based franchises also offer reduced fees to veterans looking to become franchisees. More specifically, you can expect reduced franchise fees, reduced royalties, or zero-interest financing; some franchises even make donations to veterans’ support if you buy a franchise. Many franchisors will also provide extra specialized training to veterans at no cost for becoming franchisees. Others also have mentorship opportunities. In the end, the freedom and support offered by home-based franchising make it one of the best choices for veterans and their spouses looking for their next missions in life. Above all, home-based franchising gives veterans an opportunity to spend more time with their spouses after many years of service and lengthy tours, and an option to partner in business ownership and management.