You Drive Your Career Goals – But We Can Steer You to Success

**NASCAR Xfinity Series drivers** Ryan Vargas (#6) and J.J. Yeley (#66) partnered with RecruitMilitary show support for the veteran and military community over Memorial Day weekend at Charlotte Motor Speedway. "Our partnership in NASCAR represents the power of synergy between two organizations with one mission: serving veterans and their families," said RecruitMilitary CEO, Tim Best. ####It turns out there are many similarities between racing and the military-to-civilian transition. **Here’s what we learned:** ###Preparation is Vital Vargas and Yeley did not race in the ALSCO Uniforms 300 by accident; both drivers have been practicing, competing, and improving their craft for years. In addition, both drivers earned strong starting positions in qualifying rounds, setting themselves up for success on race day. Finding the right civilian career takes similar dedication. At the very least, you need to dedicate time and effort to deciding what civilian career paths interest you and start to determine how you can get there. Ideally, you’ll start the process two years before you transition out of the military. But even if you get a late start, a solid plan will ensure you keep moving in the right direction. Failing to prepare will leave you spinning your wheels. **RecruitMilitary and our partners can help you prepare for the journey ahead.** [Learn more.]( ###Pace Yourself. Your transition out of the military can begin two years before you hang up your uniform, but your ultimate civilian career goals could be decades in the making. So how can you keep yourself on track? Drivers like Vargas and Yeley know that winning a race means sustaining their efforts over the long haul. This requires a steady pace, restraint, and mission-focus. While you may be excited to see what opportunities lie ahead, do not burn yourself out at the beginning of your career search or conserve all your energy for the home stretch. A successful long-term career plan requires effort at all stages – not just the first or last laps. ###Power Through Obstacles. During the Alsco 300, Vargas' car experienced mechanical issues that caused him to lose ground and fall behind his competitors. Still, he powered through, finished the race, and set his sights improving for the next one. Like anything in life, you can expect challenges in your military-to-civilian transition. You may even suffer significant setbacks or obstacles that temporarily take you out of the race. Career search obstacles can be frustrating. Whether it’s failing to gain traction with your resume, stumbling through an interview, or being passed over for a promotion, the solutions are the same: Make the necessary adjustments, get back on track, and keep moving forward! Ultimately, your career search is not a race, but it can feel like one. **RecruitMilitary and our partners are here to help you go the distance, no matter where your career path leads.** ####Complete your [RecruitMilitary profile]( and help employers find YOU.