On Capitol Hill with DAV

By Tim Best, RecruitMilitary CEO

There is no other non-partisan charity as dedicated to holistic veteran services as DAV (Disabled American Veterans). Their mission began in December 1920, when World War I veteran, Judge Robert Marx, planted the seeds of disabled veteran advocacy. In 1932, DAV received their congressional charter and has provided a lifetime of support for veterans and their families ever since.   

Relentless in the advancement of the military community, DAV utilizes their congressional charter to support veteran and family resources, outreach, employment and benefits assistance, legislative advocacy, and more.  

This March, RecruitMilitary and DAV celebrate 10 incredible years of partnership and dedication to strengthening the military community. Our partnership has unquestionably shaped the veteran employment space, and RecruitMilitary is proud to highlight DAV’s life-changing work, particularly on Capitol Hill.  

Annual Advocacy for Those Who Served 

Every year, hundreds of DAV leaders descend on Washington D.C. to advocate for the most pressing veteran issues face-to-face with elected officials.   

DAV is a nonpartisan charity focused exclusively on the needs of disabled veterans, their families, and survivors. Its legislative focus is determined at the organization’s national convention, where resolutions are voted upon by delegates representing DAV’s one million members.  

Resolutions are submitted for consideration by applicable committees at DAV’s National Convention. It is those resolutions approved by the respective committees that form the structure of topics DAV advocates for that following year until the next convention is held. The delegates are communicators of these approved resolutions from the Convention.  

The 2023-2024 resolutions covered issues spanning:  

  • Employment considerations  
  • Improved access to veterans’ health care, including mental health care and suicide prevention programs  
  • Enhanced survivor benefits 
  • Elimination of gaps in toxic-exposure benefits and unfair disability compensation offset practices  
  • A sufficient fiscal year 2025 budget for the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)
  • And many more.

 Employment Resolutions 

The sheer impact of the work DAV does to improve the care and support available to veterans and their families is incredibly impressive. The DAV and RecruitMilitary missions overlap at empowering the military community through meaningful career opportunities. As a result, there are many DAV resolutions that we believe will change the job market landscape for military job seekers.   

Just two examples of DAV’s adopted resolutions are:  

  • Resolution 192 is the DAV initiative to support the VA in its efforts to institute an outreach program for businesses that hire from the military community and want to meaningfully retain their veteran workforce.  
  • And Resolution 114 focuses on efforts to provide adequate funding and permanency for veterans’ employment and/or training programs.  

These issues resonate with RecruitMilitary because of our passion in connecting military job seekers with employers who appreciate their experience and potential. A focus from DAV on the importance of outreach, retention, and education/training funding will undoubtedly increase the quality of opportunities and work environment for veterans and their allies. From an employer perspective, it will also better equip companies to attract, celebrate, support, and retain such a vital employee group.  

For an all-encompassing look at DAV’s legislative priorities, visit DAV’s Legislative Issue Briefs page.  

A Voice for Millions 

For more than 100 years, DAV has had a steadfast commitment to its purpose and mission. We have an immense amount of respect and admiration for their team and those involved in the legislative fight for increased veteran representation and go to Washington D.C. to advocate for the military community. DAV leadership is among only a few who annually testify before a Joint Session of the U.S. House and Senate’s Veterans Affairs Committee.   

People at DAV’s national headquarters like Barry Jesinoski, National Adjutant and CEO; Cody Vanboxel, Executive Director; and Ryan Burgos, National Employment Director, are moving the needle every day in advancing the military community through employment opportunities and special programs.   

Their work is supported by incredible personnel operating out of the Washington D.C. Legislative Headquarters like Randy Reese, Washington Headquarters Executive Director; Joy J. Ilem, National Legislative Director, and Shane Liermann, Deputy National Legislative Director, who are actively speaking to Congress on employment issues that impact veterans across every generation.  

The longstanding quality of information DAV presents to Congress, their accreditation as a subject matter expert, and their complement of ongoing efforts from the VA, Department of Labor, Department of Defense, and other federal agencies make DAV an immeasurable ally to the military community.  

One entity, department, or even organization alone cannot tackle all the needs of our military community, but DAV does an outstanding job of increasing awareness and advocacy as they contribute to conversations surrounding veteran issues effectively and efficiently. They are the epitome of a true partner to RecruitMilitary, the federal government, and the military community.

This article originally appeared in Search & Employ magazine.