February 2016

Lies They Tell Transitioning Veterans, Part 6: You Are a Hero; You Are a Loser

When I was a young Marine battalion intelligence officer during the mid-Eighties, we used to joke that every “threat briefing” would depict the Soviets and their allies as either undefeatable supermen or pathetic losers. One day, they would show pictures of (the Swedish actor) Dolph Lundgren as a...

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Lies They Tell Transitioning Veterans, Part 5: You Can’t Job Search During the Holidays

It is common for job searchers to listen to distracting and derailing inner voices or those of third parties who are ill-informed. A widespread misconception is that the work days around the holidays are a poor time to look for a job. Seekers will use this excuse to justify procrastination and...

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Lies They Tell Transitioning Veterans, Part 3: Veterans Career Fairs Don’t Work

This is the third in a series. In this segment, we explore the myth that veteran career fairs are an ineffective waste of time. As CEO of the nation’s leading producer of veteran career fairs, I have heard from some veteran candidates that their transition classes discouraged them from attending...

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Understanding Military Skillsets: Part II

One of the biggest challenges for transitioning military entering the workforce is translating their military occupational specialty – or MOS – into terms that a civilian can understand.

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