Contingency Recruiting – When Time to Fill is Your Focus

Fill Important Roles Quickly with a Contingency Recruiting Partnership

Nurturing an effective hiring program is not easy. Filling critical vacancies quickly impacts operations and results. Add in the challenge of sourcing candidates with relevant skills to your open roles who have the ability to work well with a team, and it’s even more daunting. Join us as we dive into Contingency Recruiting Services and how to bridge the gap between strategic hiring initiatives and tactical approaches to hiring.

Veteran Hiring is Diversity Hiring

Veterans represent not only a wide array of backgrounds and life experiences, but also a diversity of highly technical skills, leadership challenges, and elite education starting early in their careers. Veterans make incredible employees, eager to learn the specifics of their job and join new teams quickly. They have the skills and formal education to make excellent engineers, field service technicians, project managers, operations leaders and managers, sales professionals, cyber-security/IT professionals and much more.

Save Time on Tough Talent Searches

Strategic hiring programs are complex and involve teams across departments, as well as large technology and advertising budgets to operate effectively and at scale. Sometimes the management of these large programs alone eclipses the value they return measured in successful new employees on-boarded and retained. Tactical hiring solutions, including job boards and hiring events, are effective ways to meet lots of candidates quickly, but don’t yield as many high-quality interviews and still require time away from your core area of focus. Contingency Recruiting Services will bridge this gap and offer you another option when filling time-sensitive vacancies, tightening your interview-to-hire ratio and giving you the best overall ROI.

Contingency Webinar

Large-volume vacancies and hard-to-fill openings requiring special qualifications can be some of the most challenging positions to fill. We can help. Watch our webinar, “Recruiting Services: Filling Your Vacancies Quickly“. We’ll dive into common hiring barriers and how your organization can overcome them.