Military Technicians 2018 Salary Guide

Post Military Career Salaries for Military Technician Supervisors

Bradley-Morris helps technicians and enlisted personnel from the US Military transition into great careers in corporate America. Every year, we like to put out examples of post military jobs for military technician supervisors and military technicians that enlisted job seekers found via Bradley–Morris’ no–cost service. Some of the average salaries have increased since the last time we posted this analysis at the beginning of 2017. This is a direct result of 2018 being a candidate centered market due to the record low unemployment numbers.

Note: All salaries are base salaries, i.e., they do not include other compensation such as overtime, car allowances, etc.

  • Military Sales Manager, Orlando, FL, $120,000 – Aerospace Ground Equipment (E7)
  • Maintenance Manager Long Island, NY, $105,000 – Electronic Warfare (E9)
  • Operations Manager, San Francisco, CA, $90,000 – Hydraulics (E8)
  • Cyber Test Engineer, Los Angeles, CA, $85,000 –  Cyber/Cyber Security (E5)
  • Senior Network Engineer, Augusta, GA, $98,000 – Signal (E7)
  • Senior Security Engineer, Lewisville, TX (work from home), $95,000 – Cyber/Cyber Security (E6)
  • Project Engineer, Portland, OR, $75,000 – Combat Engineer (E4)
  • Mechanical Maintenance Technician, Erie, PA, $70,500 – Helicopter Mechanic (E4)
  • Field Service Engineer, Cape Cod, MA, $58,000 – Helicopter Avionics Tech (E4)
  • Mechanical Engineer, New Orleans, LA, $107,500 – Automotive Mechanic/Maintenance (E4)
  • Chemical Production Technician, Fremont, CA, $65,000 – Helicopter Mechanic (E4)
  • Field Service Engineer, Phoenix, AZ, $62,400 – Electronic Maintenance Technician (E5)
  • RF Test Technician, Baltimore, MD, $62,000 – Electronics Technician (E6)
  • Field Supervisor, Charleston, SC, $62,000 – Machinery Technician (E6)
  • Field Service Technician, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, $55,000 – Machinery Technician (E5)
  • Maintenance Mechanic, Memphis, TN, $75,000 – Machinist’s Mate Nuclear (E4)
  • Incident Handler, Arlington, VA, $105,000 – Cryptologic Technician Networks (E5)
  • Maintenance Supervisor, Boulder, CO, $80,000 – Sonar Technician (E5)
  • Inside Sales Rep/Tech, Oakland, CA, $85,000 – Machinist’s Mate Nuclear (E6)
  • Combustion Turbine Technician, Atlanta, GA, $76,960 –  Electrician’s Mate Nuclear (E6)