Military Officers JMOs 2018 Salaries

Bradley-Morris, Inc. – JMO Recruiter

Bradley-Morris placed junior military officers into careers throughout the country and periodically update  our salary information so active duty military officers researching our services can understand what their peers are earning in corporate America. Below you will find examples of actual jobs that officers have accepted since the last time we updated this information at the end of January 2017; this update also includes a couple of candidates that had a few years work experience post-military to help show the progression available if you keep us in your network after your successful transition. Bradley-Morris’ recruiting services are always free from cost for our candidates, fill out a profile today to hear from a recruiter and begin your transition planning!

  • Industrial Engineer, Tuscaloosa, AL, $72,500 – Army Aviation Officer, USMA BS General Engineering
  • Leadership Development Program – General Manager, Phoenix, AZ, $70,000 – Army Intelligence Officer, USAFA BS Civil Engineering
  • Maintenance Manager, Columbia, SC, $115,000 – Air Force Communications Officer, USAFA BS Systems Engineering
  • Project Engineer, Stuttgart, Germany, $80,000 – Navy Nuclear Officer, USNA BS General Engineering
  • Data Center and Facilities Manager, Irvine, CA, $150,000 – Navy Nuclear Officer, Cornell University Bachelor of Arts
  • Business Development Manager, Worchester, MA, $89,000 – Air Force Navigator, USAFA BS General Engineering
  • Field Management Development Program, West Denver, CO, $90,000 – Space/Millie Operations Officer, USAFA BS Systems Engineering
  • Operations Manager, Chicopee, MA, $140,000 – Army Special Forces, Texas A&M Bachelor of Science
  • Military Officer Leadership Program, Dallas, TX, $92,000 – Coast Guard Operations Officer, USCGA BS General Engineering
  • Forensic Engineer, Houston, TX, $150,000 –  Navy Nuclear Officer, State University of New York Maritime College BS Mechanical Engineering
  • Supply Chain Consultant, Littleton, CO, $75,000 – Army Logistics Officer, USMA BS General Engineering
  • Cryogenics Application Engineer, Tampa, FL, $115,000 – Navy Nuclear Officer, USNA BS Physics
  • Sales Executive, Orlando, FL, $100,000 – Air Force Logistics Officer, Florida State University Bachelor of Science
  • Area Maintenance Manager, Richmond, VA, $111,715 – Marine Logistics Officer, Marquette University BS Mechanical Engineering
  • Traveling Superintendent, Seattle, WA, $90,000 – Army Special Forces, Saint Martin’s University BS/BA Finance
  • JMO Development Program, Pasadena, CA, $110,000 – Air Force Communications Officer, USAFA BS General Engineering
  • Director of Product Security, San Jose, CA, $132,000 – Marine Intelligence Officer, USNA BS General Engineering
  • Field Vice President Leadership Rotational, Philadelphia, PA, $135,000 – Surface Warfare Officer, USNA BS General Engineering
  • Head of Gym Operations, Houston, TX, $160,000 – Army Infantry Officer, USMA BS Systems Engineering
  • Real-Time Product Manager, New York City, NY, $240,000 – Navy Nuclear Officer, USNA BS Systems Engineering