Do You Control Your Own Destiny to Make the Job Playoffs?

Around this time of year, if you had a dollar for every time a talking head in sports media spouts that the “Saints, Tigers, Buckeyes, Colts…. control their own destiny” you’d have no need for a job search at all. Whether they play under Friday night lights, at College Game Day, or on NFL Sundays, top football teams know that a great game plan is essential to delivering results that take them to the next level.

Corporate America is ready to hire you. Overall veteran unemployment sits at a low [3.2 percent]( as of as of October 2019. So, ask yourself: are you working smart, or just working hard?

###Attend Career Fairs###

Tens of thousands of veterans have gotten jobs at [RecruitMilitary Veteran Career Fairs](, and are the most efficient way you can access employers with a demonstrated commitment to hiring veterans in one room, within the span of a few hours. Just imagine how long it would take you to connect those dots on your own.

And visiting every booth will increase your chances of success. Still transitioning? Use a career fair as a practice lap to work out the kinks in your resume, elevator speech, and to prepare for later conversations that will really count.


Networking accounts for filling more than eighty percent of critical jobs, so it’s vital for both employers and job seekers to have strong skills in this department. Career fairs are the ideal place to hone them. Hires have been made at our events by veterans who sent their buddies with xyz skill set over to an exhibitor with openings in those areas.

###Announce Your Presence###

If employers can't find you, they can't talk to you. By filling out your [RecruitMilitary profile](, you paint yourself as a fully engaged and viable candidate. Your name and qualifications become searchable to employers. You will then have complete access to the jobs posted by employers on our site who are actively seeking talent from the military community. That's why it's important to begin sharing your story and qualifications by setting up a profile.

Make yourself even more marketable to employers by completing the Military Tax Credit survey. If you qualify, the Blue Badge will help you stand out from the crowd.

Try these tips to control your own destiny and win the career you desire.