In-Person Career Fairs: What to Expect (Exhibitor FAQ)

In-Person Career Fairs: What to Expect (Exhibitor FAQ)

We have updated our job fairs to be the safest and most efficient on the market. This means that some aspects of our traditional job fairs have been updated.

Clients & Exhibitors: Please use this information to be prepared and informed before your next RecruitMilitary job fair.


MY.RECRUITMILITARY.COM: Our platform to provide all of your in-person event details in one place. (Also known as the Event Portal.)

At, you are able to:

  • Check-in to the job fair
  • Find details for current and upcoming events
  • Search & save candidate profiles

EVENT PASS: This is a function within The Event Pass will populate after the registered Attending Representative has completed their check-in process. At the event, Attending Reps will share this screen with the job fair personnel to be permitted entry.

CANDIDATE PROFILE SCANNER: This is a QR code reading function within that allows Attending Representatives to scan the displayed QR codes of the candidates who visit your booth. QR codes link back to candidate profiles, which can be saved and shared with your hiring team.


ORGANIZER: The Organizer is the client point-of-contact associated with the job fair purchase. The Organizer is responsible for managing the representatives and events in

ATTENDING REPRESENTATIVE: Attending Representatives are the client representatives who are attending the job fair.

SEARCH-ONLY REPRESENTATIVE: Search-Only Representatives are client representatives with search-only capabilities in and do NOT attend the event.

In-Person Job Fair FAQ

Q. What do I need to do to prepare for the RecruitMilitary job fair?

The Organizer must first add the Attending Representatives to the event in This should be done as soon as possible to ensure your Attending Reps receive all of the pre-event communications.

Once the Attending Reps are added, they will be sent access instructions for, where they can find important event details like parking instructions, booth location, and the candidate profile scanner.

Q. What should I expect at check-in?

The check-in process begins the morning of the event, when Attending Representatives who've been added into receive an email to begin the check-in process.

After completing the check-in process, Attending Reps will receive their Event Pass, which they can use to enter the event upon arrival.

Q. How many Attending Representatives should I bring?

Most of our exhibitor packages include two (2) Attending Representatives. Any organization that wishes to expand their footprint beyond two (2) Attending Representatives may purchase an additional booth or use an available credit.

Q. How can I search and save candidate profiles?

There are a few ways, depending on the user type:

  • Organizer: After your organization's Attending Rep checks in at the event, Organizers will have search access to all registered candidate profiles for that event through
  • Attending Rep: At the event, Attending Reps should scan the QR code of each job seeker to track those who visit your booth. To scan a job seeker’s QR code, use the “Launch Scanner” button from your event page.
  • Search-Only Rep: After your organization's Attending Rep checks-in at the event, will unlock search user access for all registered candidate profiles.

Q. How can I increase visibility with job seekers before the event?

After registering for a job fair, you will have access to post jobs on the RecruitMilitary job board. Posting jobs early gives greater visibility to registered job seekers!

Q. Are there any special requirements at the event itself?

In the past, we encouraged getting out from behind the booth to greet candidates. This year, things are different. Attending Representatives will be asked to stay behind the booth, with the exception of their scheduled lunch break. Use this as an opportunity to get creative with booth marketing and approach.

Q: Are masks required?

This will be location-dependent, as RecruitMilitary is adhering to event venue health and safety guidelines. We will continue to monitor these closely as we move forward.

Q: If I have symptoms of COVID what should I do?

If you are experiencing symptoms or have had close contact of someone with COVID-19, do not attend. Everyone will be required to complete a health questionnaire as part of their entry process. If you are already on site and start to feel symptoms, you should notify the event director and depart the event.

Q. Do you offer resources to help exhibitors prepare for the event?

Absolutely. It is our mission to help you prepare for a successful event.  

Use our Employers Career Fair Success Center to find information that will help you best prepare to meet and hire the amazing candidates at our events. You may also direct any questions to:

Q. Is there a difference between and other RecruitMilitary systems?

Yes, at this time, the only manages in-person events. To manage your virtual events, you will use our partner platform, CareerEco. These two platforms do have separate credentials and are distinctly different from one another.

An additional system to keep in mind is for when you post jobs to the RecruitMilitary job board. (However, for clients with existing job feeds through RecruitMilitary, this third log-in is not necessary.)

Q. How do I know if I am in the right place to manage my events?

Here's an easy way to remember:

  • In-Person Events =
  • Virtual Career Fair = CareerEco Partner Platform

(Still unsure? Check the URL. If you see "" in the bar, you're in CareerEco, which manages virtual events.)

Have more questions? Email us at