Military Hiring Badges Highlight Companies That Know the Best Way to Hire Veterans

Military Hiring Badges Highlight Companies That Know the Best Way to Hire Veterans

Lots of organizations say they are “veteran friendly,” but what does that really mean? Is hiring veterans a formal part of their recruitment plan and core values, or do they simply support the troops? RecruitMilitary’s “Champion for Military Hiring” badge helps employers display their commitment to hiring veterans and show that they indeed “walk the walk.”

Badges can be displayed with email signatures, on company websites, social media pages, in other marketing efforts, as well as in advertising in Search & Employ® magazine. The idea for the badge evolved from requests from RecruitMilitary’s strategic partners across the country who wanted to showcase their successes in the military hiring space.

“Simply put, smart organizations that have recognized a formula for success in proactively tapping into the military and military spouse talent pool want to share their success,” said Robert Arndt, Senior Vice President of Business Development at Bradley-Morris & RecruitMilitary. “Our Champion for Military Hiring badge proudly announces, ‘This company gets it!’ and values what military candidates truly offer. No matter whether they join us at a career fair, advertise in our magazine, or do a military occupational specialty (MOS) search using our database, the impact that these companies and veterans can have on each other is astounding.”

The U.S. Department of Labor confirms that veteran unemployment remains at a 50-year low of 3.2 percent. This figure supports the notion that employers are actively recruiting and hiring diverse veterans to build their civilian workforces and rise to the top of organizations. “It is common to see military experienced leaders accelerate through an organizations’ hierarchy and assume executive level leadership roles at a pace well ahead of their non-military counterparts,” said Tim Best, CEO of Bradley-Morris & RecruitMilitary. “Most commonly, we hear that their progression to senior leadership levels is attributed to traits such as: their ability to function as a member of and lead a team, their ability to plan and organize, their ethics, and their ability to function under pressure. Additionally, we’ve seen their acclimation to austere environments and rigorous work schedules translate well to the civilian sector.”

From the executive suite to those in support roles, at Bradley-Morris and RecruitMilitary, we are veterans, too. Our mission of connecting veterans to great careers is a personal one for us. That’s why we are excited to offer employers the opportunity to share their commitment to hiring veterans. Reach out to a RecruitMilitary representative today to learn about how our products can fill your pipeline with veteran talent and earn your company a badge.