New Insights on Virtual Career Fairs

#####Why should you attend a virtual job fair for the military community?

This past year, DAV|RecruitMilitary Virtual Career Fairs connected employers like you to [tens of thousands of job seekers from the military community!]( At our events, exhibitors can expect to find:

**Access to Skilled Talent Pool:** Military personnel possess valuable skills and experiences that are highly transferable to various civilian roles. By participating in a virtual career fair for the military community, employers can tap into this pool of individuals who have received extensive training in areas like leadership, teamwork, problem-solving, and technical expertise.

**Diversity and Inclusion:** The military community represents a diverse group of individuals from different backgrounds, cultures, and demographics. By engaging with this community through virtual career fairs, employers can demonstrate their commitment to diversity and inclusion initiatives. This can lead to a more diverse workforce, which is associated with increased innovation, creativity, and productivity.

**Fulfillment of Corporate Social Responsibility:** Supporting veterans and military spouses in their transition to civilian careers is often seen as a part of corporate social responsibility. By participating in virtual career fairs for the military community, employers can actively contribute to the well-being and success of these individuals who have served their country.

**Access to Unique Benefits and Incentives:** If your organization offers specific benefits or incentives to attract and retain military talent, (such as tuition assistance, relocation assistance, flexible work arrangements, and veteran support networks), virtual career fairs provide a platform to showcase these offerings and differentiate your company as military friendly.

**Cost-Effective Recruitment Strategy:** Virtual career fairs eliminate the need for employers to incur expenses related to travel, accommodation, and booth setup associated with traditional career fairs. This makes them a cost-effective way to connect with military candidates from across the country or even internationally.

**Brand Exposure and Recruitment Marketing:** Participating in virtual career fairs allows employers to raise awareness of their brand within the military community and position themselves as employers of choice. By showcasing their company culture, values, and career opportunities, employers can attract top military talent and strengthen their employer brand.

Learn more about the [job seekers from the military community at our virtual events.](

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