What do top service companies know? (Hint: It has something to do with military-experienced technicians)

Military-experienced technicians are top performers in their field. It’s 5:15pm on a Friday and your best customer calls. Your system is down and they need it back up now. If you are one of my clients, you are in great shape. Because you have hired a military-experienced technician. The fact that it is Friday at 5:15, when some workers have already “checked out” for the weekend, is irrelevant. It’s go time.

I was a Navy technician (submarines) and I know what mission critical means. It means it gets done. The technicians I place come from the same mission-critical environment. It’s a mind set that is instilled and never really goes away. Whatever it is that needs to be done, it is that important.

I worked with Eaton Power Services (formerly PowerWare) and they hired 18 technicians. All were top-performers, highly reliable and professional. Their training was a great fit for PowerWare’s UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) systems which are the top of the line. Their military-experienced field technicians are likewise ever vigilant over their customers’ needs.

Makino, a leading producer of machine tools, hires military-experienced technicians regularly and has done so for over 10 years, in part because Makino is a patriotic company but mostly because they need highly reliable technicians in the field. It is not a far stretch from what these candidates do in the military to what they do at Makino.

Top technical training, reliability and strong customer service skills are what separate military-experienced technicians from the pack. A mission-critical mindset will separate you from your competitors. It’s go time!

Bobby Whitehouse