Transition from military to civilian job requires tapping multiple resources

There is a good article in the Austin American-Statesman about hiring military from the candidates’ perspective. Both job seekers featured in the piece are Bradley-Morris, Inc. candidates – one who is in the process of job hunting (Dan Barnhart, pictured), and one who succeeded in his job search (Tedd Schonsheck).

Tedd’s military experience contributed immensely to success in his current civilian management role.

“The Army captain was deployed to Iraq in a transition team, where he served as an operations officer in charge of executing planning and operations for U.S. and Iraqi forces under his control. Leading 10 U.S. soldiers embedded with approximately 700 Iraqi national police, Schonsheck gained significant project management experience by breaking down large-scale operations to plan, resource and execute individual projects while communicating across cultural and language barriers.