Recruiting at Veteran Career Fairs Yields a Solid ROI

A [2016 Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) survey]( of 2,300 HR professionals revealed recruiting top talent as the top business/HR challenge. Other findings outline the cost of finding the right candidates.

According to an August 2016 SHRM benchmark report, the average cost per hire among survey participants was $4,129, with an average time to fill positions at 42 days. The findings, which reflect fiscal year 2015, are from data collected February through April from a random sampling of 2,048 SHRM members.

###Career Fairs Can Lower Costs and Deliver Multiple Solutions at Once
Smart organizations looking to deliver jobs for veterans partner with the experts. Companies that specialize in finding veteran talent offer deep pipelines of potential candidates from diverse backgrounds with ready leadership experience who can be quickly onboarded for a variety of roles.

###Solid ROI
Career fairs in particular draw veterans from every branch of service and deliver an environment in which companies can source many veterans for one price. Many organizations go directly from meeting candidates to on-site interviews, often making job offers on the spot. Multiple hires at a single event occur frequently, reducing a company’s overall cost per hire.

###One-on-One Interaction
Career fairs also allow for the personal touch. Although great leaps in technology have changed some of the ways recruiting happens, it’s still important to discern whether or not a potential hire will be the right fit. Career fairs provide the opportunity to speak with and assess candidates in a face-to-face setting.

One director of corporate recruiting for a large parent company of 40 businesses uses veteran hiring events as the go-to method for finding great people, referring to them as the company’s “meat and potatoes” for recruiting veterans. He frequently encourages other recruiters to attend, telling them, “If you go, you will get all the candidates you need.”

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