Military Success Traits – Discipline

In this post, I’d like to discuss one of the most well-known military success traits – discipline. A disciplined-mind is goal-focused, organized and able to “nug through” difficult tasks. A disciplined body is healthy, fit and ready to get to work. Developing a disciplined mind and body isn’t exclusive to the military, but the military will throw you into the deep end of the discipline pool.

Further, the military success trait of discipline is a core leadership quality. Being the example of decorum, character and personal appearance are the qualities that lead to promotions in the military as well as at most companies. As business leaders look to their companies’ future and seek to build bench strength with the next generation of leaders, discipline may not be an obvious category to prioritize, but rest assured is is at the root of several other desired virtues.

Jack Welch’s GE, the best known “leadership company”, elevated leaders based on their 4 E’s and a P – Energy, Energizing Others, Edge, Execution and Passion – all discipline-based qualities. Does your business value discipline?

Bobby Whitehouse