Military Success Trait – Decisiveness

Successful leaders who are good decision makers exhibit another military success trait – decisiveness. They understand the importance of execution while applying their moral compass to the decision. Being decisive helps them to get a jump on the competition, see around corners and/or to quickly pull the plug on a project that isn’t tracking to plan.

In a recent post, Syracuse University’s online business blog looked at CEOs with military experience. Not surprising, decisiveness is a recurring secret to their success. The link between decisiveness and corporate success is a key pillar in the business case for investing in military-experienced talent.

Decisiveness is equally important beyond the C-suite. Middle managers with military experience have an established reputation for being able to make the call on day-to-day tactical decisions. This frees up executive bandwidth for strategic concerns. Additionally, strong middle-management teams address organizational efficiencies and they also cultivate a built-in succession plan. Having great leaders in place at the mid-manager level is a winning business strategy and top companies like General Electric, Walmart, Amazon and The Home Depot place the lion’s share of their developmental talent efforts on this tier.

Bradley-Morris helps an employer’s corporate side surface these transferable skills through a variety of processes involving military talent acquisition, matching and interviewing. Developing military-friendly resources and programs pays big dividends and potentially sets your company up for a hire that will advance to be a future CEO.

Bobby Whitehouse

Image courtesy PACAF