Military Success Traits – Communication

One of the first skills I was taught in the Navy was to repeat back all orders. It’s another of the military success traits – communication. Repeat back the order to insure the proper instruction or guidance was received. It works.

This is a military success trait that has served me well throughout my professional career. When I am talking with a client, I repeat back the information discussed and make sure that I clearly understand exactly what was said. It has proven to be invaluable.

With modern communication, email and voice mail, returning communication accurately and promptly is a stand-out quality – if for no other reason than to communicate that I received your message and I am addressing it.

Alas, this is not a common trait in the workforce today. Many people do not return emails or calls unless it is important to them. Or they assume that the message was received and go on. Or they are so distracted by peers, web sites, phone calls, apps, etc., that they totally miss it. This can be a costly mistake. One of the best parts of working with military-experienced talent is that they understand the importance of good communication.

How important is communication in your organization?

Bobby Whitehouse

Image courtesy Official U.S. Navy Page