Military Success Trait – Drive

Some are born with God-given talent and exceptional ability but most successful people must rely on another military success trait – Drive. Business leaders must develop an ability to push out of their comfort zone, to find a way to deliver results for their customers and shareholders. Drive is how you get up again after being knocked down. Drive, most importantly, is what gets you to “the next level” in your career or life.

I recently read Bob Ravener’s book, “Up – The Difference Between Today and Tomorrow Is You“. Bob is one of the top civilian business leaders possessing a military background. In his book, the military success trait – drive – is a recurring theme. The military, along with his experiences in athletics, honed Bob’s drive, and he references that “drive” got him through his most formidable ordeals.

To excel in the military you must really want it. And top military candidates’ drive is honed by digging down deep and doing what is necessary to push through their trials. While differing military communities offer their own unique challenges, nearly all service members will attribute drive as an acquired skill that directly helped them achieve exceptional results in the service and after in their civilian careers. Passion inspires but drive gets the work done.

When “drive” is required in your business, military-experienced leaders will deliver.

Bobby Whitehouse

Image courtesy of Expert Infantry