JMO (Junior Military Officer) talent – Turnaround specialists

Companies hire JMO (Junior Military Officer) talent for a number of types of roles. Some are placed with the leading edge company in a “sexy” leadership development position. However, many JMOs relish the challenge of a non-ideal situation with potential. You might even call these candidates “turnaround specialists”.

JMOs make great turnaround specialists. They have been trained to accomplish a mission and that is where they put all their focus. They have been trained in team dynamics and understand how motivation works on a personal level. They typically have had a similar experience in the military – many inherited a command that was lacking and turned it around. And they come from outside the industry offering unique perspectives as well as an inclination to question the status quo.

Finding a turnaround specialist that is a fit for your organization and unique situation can be challenging, however finding the right JMO might just be THE guy or gal for your company.

Bobby Whitehouse

Image courtesy US Army Europe Images