Finding Better Employees: What to Look For

The biggest asset to any employer is the quality of their employees. Finding and hiring the best people can be a task that is not easy, especially if you are faced with thousands of applications from potential candidates.

For this reason, many employers need an intermediary that will help find the best candidates for the hiring process. As an employer, the question you might have been asking yourself is how to find or search for employees? To help you further, here are some tips to help you find better employees looking to find jobs.

##How to Search for Employees

When it comes to searching for employees, the first step is to know what you’re looking for. Work with hiring managers to make a list of must-have skills and “nice to have” skills for the position and clearly define responsibilities within the role. The next step is to make a clear and compelling job description that gives candidates a glimpse into the culture at your company. Avoid using too many industry buzzwords or gendered language in job descriptions that might alienate some job applicants and deter them from applying to jobs. It is usually best practice to include some kind of salary range, this will save both the company’s and the applicants time since most high quality candidates know what salary range they are looking to stay within.

###Looking for Staff on Social Media

Social media has become one of the biggest platforms for recruiters in the search process for new hires. Many employers nowadays use their social media platforms to find employees. Also, many job seekers use their social media platforms to search for a job. Some employers have been lucky to find [the best hires]( through the use of social media for their job postings.

####Searching for Employees on LinkedIn
LinkedIn is probably the most widely used social media platform for making professional connections and finding employees. For a fee, employers can use LinkedIn Premium to find employees and post positions that potential candidates can apply to. Another way to post positions on LinkedIn is from your personal or company page for free if you have built up your professional network.

####Searching for Employees on Facebook
If your company has a Facebook page, Facebook has a “Jobs” section that allows employers to publish job postings for free and applicants are able to submit their resumes to these jobs. This social media platform is especially popular for finding healthcare, construction and manufacturing professionals.

####Searching for Employees on Other Social Media Platforms
Other social media platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, and most recently TikTok, are platforms that many companies are starting to develop a presence in order to build their employer brand and reach younger generations of workers.

###Join a Job Board of Employers Looking for Staff

Most employers nowadays have various job boards where they link up to look for the right employees for the job and there are many excellent job boards that are out there. Many job boards will offer different customizable features and price plans for employers to reach a wide variety of potential hires from different fields. When as an employer you join the platform searching for staff, the qualifications of the candidates will be matched against what you are in need of and finally, you get to engage with the best candidates for the job hence making the hiring process easy for you. Sometimes it is best for employers to post on industry-specific job boards such as healthcare job boards, military veteran job boards, or remote job boards if they are looking for applicants with a specific set of skills. If an employer is looking for applicants that possess a specific type of security clearance, military veteran job boards are a great place to post.

###How to Find Employees through Referrals

One of the best ways to find employees is through the use of internal referrals. A best practice is to post job openings internally and proactively ask current employees for referrals. Many companies will have a bonus or incentive program for current employees who refer qualified employees to the company.

###Consider an Employee Looking for Work

It is important not to rule out a candidate just because they are currently unemployed or do not possess a lot of experience. Always take into consideration a potential hire's soft skills and the transferable skills that they do have from their previous experience. Everyone has to start somewhere, and the power of a motivated individual that is eager to learn can make for excellent hires.

###Looking for Staff at Virtual Job Fairs

Virtual job fairs offer one of the best platforms for employers to connect virtually with potential employees. These job fairs are basically to make work easier for both job seekers and employers that want to find employees. This is among the ways to find employees for free and you can attend virtual career fairs that are targeted for specific groups such as military veterans to find people that possess the skill sets you are looking for and add diversity to your team.

###Find People by Employer Publications

Subscribing to job publications, which are mainly digital nowadays, will keep you informed on the number of employees that are in need of work in different industries. Also, you will get to know about all the events like virtual job fairs that are coming up. Digital job publications are very popular when it comes to helping people find work.

##How do I find the right employee?

To finalize these tips, being able to work with the right people is the best thing that will ever happen to your work as an employer. As much as finding employees can prove to be among the most stressful processes, all the tools that you need as an employer to make your company move forward through the quality of people working there.

Choosing to employ a veteran is among the very many ways to find quality employees. Veterans have been through rigorous hands-on training programs in the military and possess many transferable skills such as leadership, teamwork, and discipline that make them strong employees. Veterans who have served their time in the military have a proven track record of integrity and can be the most motivated and goal-oriented employees a company can have.

In order for your company to recruit, hire and retain the best employees, the most important step is to cultivate a workplace culture that qualified candidates are attracted to. Investing in your workforce by offering competitive wages and benefits, opportunities for training and advancement, and cultivating a diverse and inclusive workforce will ultimately make attracting and retaining talent an easier task.

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