Drive Candidates to Apply with a Compelling Job Posting

####This blog is a guide specifically for clients of [RecruitMilitary’s Placement Services](

###An Effective Job Posting Starts with the Audience

If you’re in a hiring or recruiting position, you probably know that an important part of attracting the right types of candidates is through your job posting. When it comes to attracting candidates from the military community, there often is an extra layer of translation needed.

Use this blog as a guide on writing an effective and inclusive job posting for RecruitMilitary’s [Placement Services] ( candidate profiles for:

- Analysts
- Cyber Security
- Engineers
- Operations
- Project Managers
- Sales
- Technicians

###What is a job posting?

In this case, “job posting” specifically refers to the job advertisements in our [Placement Services]( process.

Think of job postings as online advertisements for open positions within a company that allow employers to quickly and efficiently reach out to a large pool of potential applicants for a particular position.

Job postings should include a detailed description of the job, the job requirements, the salary, and the benefits.

###How will candidates find my job posting?

We target key areas where we can recruit on a consistent basis. Our recruiters source from multiple locations and job boards, including RecruitMilitary’s job board of over 1.5 million candidates from the military community.

###Understanding the Candidate Profiles

Our candidates represent a diverse group of [officers and enlisted military personnel](

####High Performers

Integrity, accountability, dependability are traits that run deep in this candidate pool. In the military, officers and non-commissioned officers (enlisted leaders) alike are tasked with leading teams and delivering results. These job seekers come prepared to elevate the workplace with a level of leadership and accountability.


The active-duty military is comprised of 43 percent Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) groups, creating the largest single pool of diversity talent available.


Many transitioning service members and veterans are brand new to the civilian workforce or have joined in the past five years. These are bright, eager, and trainable candidates who are early in their career. Often, they are open to travel or relocation, and transitioning military candidates have free government relocation assistance.

####Experienced & Educated

Military officers in engineering or engineering-related fields hold four-year degrees or higher from either the U.S. service academies (West Point, Annapolis, etc.) or through a university ROTC program, resulting in a valuable analytical and technical foundation.

Enlisted military members often work in a hands-on capacity within their field and receive ongoing training and education related to their craft. Enlisted Military technicians are graduates of the military’s top electronics, mechanical, and electro-mechanical vocational schools.


To provide corporate-ready candidates, our process for officers begins up to two years before their transition out of the military, and six months before transition for enlisted military personnel. We also recruit and mentor military veterans who have made their transition and fit our client profile needs.

###Elements for a successful job posting

####Determine the “Must-Haves”

What are the absolute “musts” when it comes to the job? Distinguish between “must have” and “desirable” requirements.

Don’t discourage an ideal candidate from applying because of a skill that can be taught or a certificate that can be easily obtained.

Keep in mind that veterans who are just transitioning out may have years of military experience and expertise in a specific field but may not have the equivalent civilian certification. Consider including terms like: “or relevant experience” so they aren’t deterred from applying.

####Use Inclusive Language

This may seem like a no-brainer, but your job posting language has to be inclusive. Your messaging should never turn any qualified job seekers away.

Part of that is using job posting language that’s welcoming to job seekers of every race, background, gender identity, et cetera. By eliminating unconscious bias, you can avoid inadvertently deterring job seekers, especially from underrepresented groups.

####Format for Today’s Audience

How you sequence the different sections of your job posting and how accurately you define the job can make a big difference in the candidate response rate. Keep your job posting short and concise. One study conducted on LinkedIn talent revealed that candidates spend just 14 seconds reading a job posting before deciding whether or not they will apply.

####Include Keywords for a Military Audience

When writing a job posting to attract military applicants, it is important to appeal to their interests and strengths. Emphasize transferable skills, such as discipline, teamwork, and leadership, and include motivational wording like "service," "honor," and "integrity" when appropriate. Make the most of keywords in the title and body of the job posting. Then tag relevant work categories to help candidates find your posting.

####Clarity and Specificity Matter

Attracting the right candidates is often in the details. The job title should reflect what’s in the description. Include the job location and working conditions. For example, is the position in an office setting or will the employee be working outside or in a warehouse? Help visualize the day-to-day.

####List One Location Per Job Posting

Use just one city/state or zip code for the location of your job posting. This is how candidates will find you when they search for jobs in a specific location and will also be mapped on your job posting.

If the position is available in more than one location, post a job for each location. If there isn’t a particular location, specify whether the role is hybrid or remote, which can be appealing to military spouses looking to advance their career despite moving every few years.

####Show the Salary Range

It's not that you have to list a specific salary, but listing a range will ensure the applicants are applying for a job that fits the needs of their career goals. Coming from the military where each rank has a tiered pay scale, most transitioning servicemembers and veterans know the range they need to stay in in order to support their families and personal needs.

####Highlight Company Culture

This is where you can stand out from others. Include any relevant information about the company, such as the mission statement, core values, and culture.

If your organization has any veteran-friendly benefits, such as tuition assistance, flexible scheduling, or a group just for military community members, don’t leave that information out.

Veterans want meaningful employment that aligns with their personal and professional values. This demographic comes from a regimented organization, so many transitioning veterans are on the hunt for companies that empower personal and professional growth.

####Keep Your Job Posting Up to Date

Finally, the job posting should be updated regularly. This includes updating the job title, duties, and qualifications to reflect any changes or new developments.


###Job Posting Example:

####Describe the candidate in familiar language:

This is a position for a Navy Sea Bee or Air Force Red Horse junior enlisted member through senior NCO (E6-E9), or a veteran with comparable supervisory experience in the civilian construction industry. The right candidate will have experience managing large scale projects, preferably in vertical construction, that involve multiple stakeholders. Location: San Francisco, CA. Compensation: $100,000 - $125,000

####Describe the job in specifics:

You will manage various teams of diverse trades workers at project build sites located within the greater San Francisco Bay Area, providing day to day safety supervision, approving changes to technical drawings and plans, and working with subcontractors and vendors to complete assigned work on time and under budget. You will develop your staff, focusing on their professional growth and education, with the ability to manage and diffuse employee or union disputes on the job site. Key metrics by which you will be evaluated include timeliness of project completion, adherence to the planned budget, quality of project delivery, safety supervision and the ability to maintain a clean job site. Develop Owner and Architect’s confidence through Team approach; build relationships, taking full responsibility of all Field Operations daily and proper execution of construction work.

####Focus on culture:

This organization believes its continued success relies upon hiring, training and empowering employees who are committed to the belief that producing satisfied and loyal customers is essential for lasting growth and continued success. In addition to a challenging and rewarding career, this organization offers generous employee benefits with a track record of excellent employee retention. You will have a $450/month car allowance to defer the cost of traveling to and from job sites.

####Include skills or experience needed:

In this role, candidates will either possess or quickly develop the following skills to perform their job:

Working knowledge of all crafts (ability to read and understand specifications for all trades), and foreman or journeyman in at least one trade, or project engineer

- Ability to delegate all craft tradespeople effectively to accomplish required tasks
- Competency using MS Project, Procore, and PlanGrid, as well as other software tools
- Knowledge of job scheduling, planning, expediting and cost control
- Ability in problem-solving and self-direction, finding direction in ambiguous situations
- Strong sense of urgency


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