Don’t Know How to Hire Transitioning Veterans & Military Spouses? Try Our Military Base Job Fairs.

###Have you attended a military base job fair yet?
In addition to our city-based career fairs, which take place in exciting venues in cities across America, we also conduct hiring events on multiple military installations.

These [military base job fairs]( provide excellent opportunities for organizations to directly connect with active-duty service member as well as military spouses.

###Military Base vs. City-Based Job Fairs
The primary difference exhibitors will notice at a military base event versus a city-based event is the majority of the demographic of the job seekers attending.

At our [city-based job fairs](, a large percentage of veterans attending have already transitioned out of the military and many of them have already held civilian jobs. They likely have grown in their experience and education since separating and are ready for the next step in their career.

At a military base job fair, attendees are predominately in the process of transitioning out of the military. This means most candidates at these events will not have civilian industry experience.

**Something not all employers realize is that certain transitioning military members are eligible for relocation reimbursement from the DoD.** As an employer, you may be able to use this "free" move to hire transitioning service members or military spouses for difficult-to-fill locations. [See Our Infographic on Military Base Hiring Events.](

###High Demand for Military Talent
Veteran unemployment numbers have mostly remained [below the national average]( for the past ten years. What does that say about these individuals as workers?

Military veterans are motivated job seekers and will get hired by your competition if you don't have what they want and act quickly. [See this blog about the best ways to onboard and retain military veterans and spouses.](

Consistently low veteran unemployment means it’s a candidate market, and the competition for high-quality veteran talent is high. A military base career fair will put you in front of service members who are eager to jump into the civilian workforce for the first time, giving you the chance to grab in-demand talent right at the source.

###Build Trust in a Niche Market
Many employers recognize the strengths that veterans bring to the workplace, but are often limited in their reach to this group of highly-skilled leaders. RecruitMilitary brings you that access and connection in a few ways, but if there's one thing we know it's that **building an effective veteran hiring strategy often requires FIRST building trust in your brand within the military community.**

The military community is close knit. If your company isn't getting good word-of-mouth referrals or doesn't have strong recognition within this community, most veterans and military spouses will instead gravitate to something familiar - especially when first transitioning out of the military.

**Building an effective veteran hiring strategy does not have to be complicated, but it does involve reaching the military community on a large scale.** At a [RecruitMilitary military-base career fair](, organizations can brand themselves as military-friendly, while meeting active-duty candidates and military spouses on their turf.

###Feedback About Recent Military Base Career Fairs
Do these events pay off? Here’s what exhibitors say about our recent military base hiring events:

**"This career fair was packed with recently separated vets who are hungry to find that next adventure."**
*-Exhibitor at Joint Base San Antonio*

**"Amazing support & staff! Top of the line QR resume software made everything extremely simple to make contact information simple to transfer."**
*-Exhibitor at Fort Campbell*

**"Great experience with a wide range of candidates to speak with and interview. The QR process was a great idea and made it easier to contact applicants after the process."**
*-Exhibitor at Fort Moore (formerly Fort Benning)*

**"The job seekers were professional, well-qualified, and eager. The number and quality of candidates was outstanding."**
*-Exhibitor at Joint Base Lewis McChord*

**"This event gets you in front of good, qualified applicants. Overall great event."**
*-Exhibitor at Fort Cavazos (formerly Fort Hood)*

###New Military Base Names
Across the United States, Army installations are undergoing name changes in support of the Department of Defense’s push to recognize and honor the diverse populations who call this nation home. [See the list of new Army base names here.](

###Gain insight on our military job fair candidates
Want to learn more about our job fair candidates?

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