ConferenceHire Military Hiring Events Help Employers Avoid A Blind Date

When considering the value of using Bradley-Morris, Inc.’s recruiting services, I recently asked a client his thoughts. “Simple,” he said. “BMI’s ConferenceHire events save me the disaster of a blind date.” He further explained that one of the biggest inefficiencies in his company’s hiring process is going through the resumes and phone interviews only to have the candidate show up and be a dud.

Apparently this is more common that I thought. It took little time to find an article by my favorite people pro, Liz Ryan titled The Obnoxious Job Candidate Who Looked So Good on Paper. Ryan discusses the power of deep probing questions and the psychological letting down of the guard that many managers feel when they believe they finally found their unicorn. But this also undeniably speaks to the flaw of a backwards process where the last step is going for a test drive.

At a Bradley-Morris ConferenceHire event, we match civilian job openings with eight to ten military-experienced candidates for interviews as one of the first steps in the hiring process. This initial meeting, putting hiring managers and job seekers face-to-face, is incredibly telling. Hiring managers can probe on culture and personality fit and candidates can explain their background more holistically.

Good vibes and bad vibes are also a part of this process – the face-to-face aspect of the ConferenceHire process takes care of the gut-check upfront. Finalists then proceed to site visits and our clients have confidence knowing that they won’t have to endure the dreaded “blind date” at their facility!

Bobby Whitehouse

Image courtesy Dan Century