A Q&A with Peter Gudmundsson of RecruitMilitary

In 2016, the largest military recruiting company in the country was formed, offering hiring organizations access to more than 1,000,000 military job seekers via Bradley-Morris and RecruitMilitary. This new partnership means that employers now have access to contingency recruiting, military job fairs, employer branding, a veteran-focused publication and more in a one-stop shop.

We had the opportunity to sit down with Peter A. Gudmundsson, President of RecruitMilitary, about what to expect from this new business venture and how it will benefit employers and veterans alike.

What has been the biggest factor in the success of RecruitMilitary?

“High quality execution and focus is the key to RecruitMilitary’s success. Many organizations care about helping veterans, but their effectiveness starts and ends with that sentiment. RecruitMilitary is deeply concerned about the career outcomes of veterans, but realizes that positive outcomes will only occur if it focuses on the needs of hiring organizations first. That means paying close attention to delivering high quality veterans to hiring organizations at live events and through digital means.”

Why are RecruitMilitary job fairs the best in the industry?

“Again, the watchword is quality. First, RecruitMilitary chooses venues that are unique and memorable, like NFL and MLB stadiums. Then, we dedicate sizable resources to make sure that veteran candidates attend the event prepared to engage with employers. Finally, we survey and measure the experience of every candidate and client (employer) to identify opportunities for improvement.”

How do you feel the combined services of Bradley-Morris and RecruitMilitary can benefit both the military job seeker and the employer?

“By providing a ‘one-stop’ unified experience for veteran job seekers, Bradley-Morris and RecruitMilitary can truly become the most efficient digital and physical destination for all veterans. The same can be said for employers, through multiple solutions such as the best on- and off-base veteran career fairs, an industry-leading online job board, and world-class contingency recruiting services. Whether employers want to manage their own veteran hiring solutions or substantially outsource the sourcing and screening to professional veteran recruiters, they need to look no further than Bradley-Morris and RecruitMilitary.”

Why should an employer attend a RecruitMilitary job fair instead of a government or non-profit event?

“For a tax-paying entity such as RecruitMilitary, the company can only be successful by solving our clients’ needs with high quality veteran talent. Employers can attend a free career fair but they generally ‘get what they pay for.’ Free events by their nature don’t have the resources to invest in candidate marketing, venue selection, event operations or pre- and post-event statistics. Plus, only RecruitMilitary can leverage a 1,000,000 veteran footprint to generate interested job seekers. With one’s time such a limited resource, most employers would rather invest in a sure thing, that is, a quality event where the candidates are better qualified and other attending companies are industry leaders.”

At Bradley-Morris and RecruitMilitary, we are invested in the success of veterans and military hiring organizations. By using a recruiter in the military space, you’re ensuring that your company is gaining a valuable new employee through an efficient and effective process.