RecruitMilitary Service Solution Gives Us ‘Boots on the Ground’ at Military Installations”

Meet Cassie Glubzinski. She’s the Military Outreach Coordinator at John Deere and she knows from experience that candidates from the military community make strong hires. In order to optimize their reach into this niche group her team utilizes RecruitMilitary Service Solution which provides training in addition to access to RecruitMilitary hiring events and other tools all year long. “I help to coordinate all the outreach that we do to transitioning service members, veterans, military spouses, and other military-affiliated personnel,” said Glubzinski. See how she uses RecruitMilitary Service Solution (RMS²) and her favorite part about hiring from the military community.

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Will you tell us about your role at John Deere and how it interacts with RecruitMilitary?

Cassandra Glubzinski: I am part of a fantastic team of folks here at John Deere. Whenever we have someone military-affiliated show interest in our opportunities, we reach out to them and chat with them about options or matches at our company. I get to work one-on-one with candidates with that and I also do a lot of coordination to staff our booths at job fairs, both virtual and in person.

You have insider knowledge about the military community. How do you use that when hiring?
CG: I am an Army wife. My husband is active-duty Army. He’s been serving for a little over 13 years, and we’ve been married for 12 of them. I am immersed in military life. The fact of the matter is that skilled candidates are often missed if they haven’t talked to the right people. The whole point of my job at John Deere is being the “right people” for military folks. Veterans and military spouses are adaptable – they have leadership skills, innovative mindsets, and are mission focused. Those are qualities and characteristics that are not easily taught and have become a business imperative for a lot of companies. My job, and the job that my team is doing at John Deere, exists because we recognize that, and really capitalize on the veteran and spouse talent that’s out there.

Why is John Deere using RecruitMilitary Service Solution?
CG: There is at least one John Deere dealership attached to every stateside military installation – so the opportunity is absolutely massive. We want to get the word out that we are excited to be able to home in on military-affiliated talent and that we are continuing to grow in this area. Even though we’ve made great strides, there’s still so much potential there. The fact that we are part of RMS² gives us ‘boots on the ground.’ They have some of the best military installation events that bring in active duty, and veteran, and even guard and reserve talent. It is phenomenal. We get excited when we can be a part of these events – RecruitMilitary really does understand the need for being in-person there, especially for a company like John Deere.

What is your favorite aspect of the program?
CG: RMS² has been a massive help for us in bringing in different branches of the military. Not all the branches of the military function the same. I’m an Army wife, so I get the Army, and that is very understandable to me. But there’s some things about the other service branches that are out of my wheelhouse, but training through RMS² has been really great in helping us to bridge the branch gap. This program is great for helping us create the connection with that prior-military job seeker, better empathize with their situation, and help us to grow as an organization that can acquire that type of talent. We are beyond grateful for organizations like RecruitMilitary and the work that they do to help John Deere find amazing talent in the military community. We are also grateful for the work that our military is doing every day. _______________________________________________________________________________________________ Photo credit: April Mae Photography

Find job seekers from the military community and build your teams with RecruitMilitary Service Solution (RMS²).