Trash to Treasure

**JDOG JUNK REMOVAL & HAULING** [] ( JDog Junk Removal & Hauling sells junk removal and hauling franchises exclusively to veterans and other members of military families. The business is predicated on the notion that, when given the choice, Americans will almost always select a veteran-backed business to provide a service. Franchisees operate camouflage-themed vehicles and trailers and wear military-style uniforms. They sort, recycle, discard, and transport items between locations for homeowners, businesses, and government offices. The company is owned and operated by veterans. All JDog franchisees work with a priority of hiring other veterans to work in their businesses. The opportunity to create significant equity value by leveraging their military service in a military-themed business is very compelling to veterans. Additionally, the spirit of brotherhood among veterans resonates with those who become franchisees. JDog likens its business to a movement among veterans. “Join the JDog Movement” is the company’s call to action, working to engage and support fellow veterans and help them realize the American dream of owning their own business. JDog is headquartered in Philadelphia, currently operates locations in Pennsylvania, Texas, Florida, and Tennessee, and is looking for franchisees to build the movement nationwide. The benefits of ownership include: * a significant income opportunity and great potential for equity value appreciation * the opportunity to work among others who have served our country * the ability to hire other veterans to work in their franchises * working with local veteran-support organizations to support the rehabilitation of veterans through JDog’s Compensated Work Therapy program * participation in JDog’s donation program – which involves donating 10 percent of the company’s net income to a veteran charity determined by the franchisees. About a dozen people work at JDog Junk Removal. The company also has a JDog Joint Advisory Board made up of veterans, including a two-star Marine Corps general who advises the company and coaches franchisees. ###A VETERAN SUCCESS | MICHAEL O’NEILL Michael O’Neill served with the United States Army for 16 years, achieving the rank of captain. As a member of the 353 Civil Affairs Command in the Operations Department, his duties included counterinsurgency and stability operations. He joined the Army in 1983, and spent half of his military career as an enlisted soldier – including two company tours and one support tour in Afghanistan and the Horn of Africa. In late 2014, he became a JDog Junk Removal & Hauling franchise owner in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. “The Veterans Education Assistance Program (VEAP) helped me to attend college, which I believe when coupled with my military background was attractive to employers,” he said. He has a degree in Chemical Engineering from Michigan State University. “The skills I learned in the military regarding discipline, organization, problem solving and accomplishing a mission/goal helped me stand out as a job candidate when I was first making the transition from military to civilian life.” After O’Neill left the Army, he continued to support military personnel and veterans. “After a long military career, I started counseling individuals, including servicemembers,” he said. “My time spent in this role led me to become acutely aware of the needs and struggles of veterans, especially since I had once faced the same challenges. I understood that, particularly as a member of the reserve forces, you are oftentimes pulled away from your civilian career – which puts you behind in knowledge of the industry and competitiveness in the market. This experience inspired me to become more involved in the veteran employment industry.” JDog seemed to be O’Neill’s destiny. “It was really serendipitous how I came across the JDog franchising opportunity,” he said. “After reading about the franchise in a magazine, I called the owner, Jerry Flanagan, and immediately fell in love with his mission to employ veterans. JDog’s core values of respect, integrity and trust were especially appealing to me as a veteran. Thirty days later, I had purchased a JDog franchise and began to transition out of my career and into my role as a JDog franchise owner, with the sole intent to put as many veterans to work as I could. I currently have three part-time servicemembers, which I hope to grow to full-time positions. My goal is to expand as fast and as far as possible to provide an opportunity for veterans and military family members.” O’Neill believes strongly in the company’s mission. “The perspective I gained from my military and civilian backgrounds has given me a keen sense of how to succeed in business and how to also teach others how they can be successful,” he said. “Franchise partners come into JDog knowing that everyone involved is working toward the same mission to help veteran employment. All employees are focused, passionate, and disciplined.” O’Neill encourages veteran job seekers to call the company. “I understand being in business for yourself is scary,” he said, “but you may never find another job where customers thank you for your service as a veteran and support your professional career.”