Many veterans enter the workforce with specific skills and advantages that make them uniquely qualified to open a franchise. It’s a lucrative opportunity for those with the desire and access to funding. Use these resources to learn more about the process and pitfalls that go with owning and operating a franchise.


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Avoiding the Shortchange Effect in 2017

For many business owners, things like sleep, nutrition, and exercise tend to lose priority in the effort to squeeze more time out of each day. But what these busy entrepreneurs probably might not realize is that skimping on one's well-being can not only have a negative impact on their health, it...

Franchising, May-June 2017

Franchising: Moving Forward

There are plenty of advantages to be being a franchisee. Perhaps the most important is learning how to start a business from the ground up. Other rewards include the use of established, recognized brands; training; ongoing support; and assistance with business systems.


Playing the End Game

As a franchise consultant, I explain to prospective buyers all of the processes involved in the ownership of a small business. These include not only acquisition and operating processes, but also what is involved in divesting of a business.

To discuss selling a business before you buy it might...

Franchising, July-August 2016

A Sense of Camraderie

JDog Junk Removal & Hauling is a national company that awards franchises exclusively to military veterans and veteran family members – people who understand the notions of service to our country, hard work, and dedication. Of the current franchisees, 82 percent are former military, and the...

Franchising, July-August 2016