RecruitMilitary works. In this section you will find the data that clearly shows why. From completed surveys to hard numbers, we will share with you the success employers have found in posting jobs and attending our veteran career fairs.

Includes: - 2015 Event Report - Why do the “regulars” keep coming back to job fairs?

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2015 Events Report

RecruitMilitary surveys clients and candidates that attend our veteran job fairs. The 2015 Events Report represents summary data for the 101 RecruitMilitary Career Fairs held in 2015.

Career Fairs, Results

The Surveys Say: Our Career Fairs Work

We have the results of post-event surveys for the 65 Veteran Opportunity Expos that we produced from January through August 2015, and the numbers are great. After each event, we email two surveys – one to exhibitors and the other to the job candidates who attended.

Exhibitors at our events...

Career Fairs, Results, November-December 2015