RecruitMilitary CEO Publishes Veteran Hiring Leader’s Handbook

**For Immediate Release:** July 25, 2016

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**RecruitMilitary CEO Publishes Veteran Hiring Leader’s Handbook**

Loveland, OH – RecruitMilitary – the nation’s leading veteran hiring company – announced today that its President and CEO Peter Gudmundsson has published **“The Veteran Hiring Leader’s Handbook”**. The book is a comprehensive, common sense guide to building an impactful and robust veteran hiring program.

“By acting as a conduit between employers and high quality veteran talent, we can help employers hire, appreciate, and retain our nation’s best talent – our veterans,” said RecruitMilitary President and CEO Peter Gudmundsson. “This handbook will educate HR professionals across the country how to excel in providing opportunities for our veterans.”

The book guides the reader through the necessary steps to build and maintain a veteran hiring program based on company goals and initiatives. The handbook highlights the reasons that military veterans make good civilian hires and shows organizational executives “how to” assemble a veteran hiring effort that will be effective and economical.

“All organizations need good people. Veterans are good people. Therefore, all organizations need to hire veterans,” said Gudmundsson. “Hiring veterans just makes good business sense.”

RecruitMilitary helps military veterans and spouses find civilian jobs. Founded in 1998, the company is located in Loveland, Ohio.
RecruitMilitary’s CEO and President, Peter Gudmundsson, is a former officer in the United States Marine Corps, and over 65% of RecruitMilitary employees are veterans or military spouses.

The Veteran Hiring Leader’s Handbook is available on [Amazon]( and [iTunes](

**About RecruitMilitary**

RecruitMilitary ( is the nation’s leading veteran hiring company, offering a diverse array of branding, employment and retention services to help employers connect with America’s best talent—its veterans. We host the nation’s largest single source veteran database, publish one of the nation’s largest veteran hiring magazines Search & Employ®, and host hundreds of regional job fairs to connect private and public sector employers with veterans. As a veteran-owned company, we offer many of our services free of charge to veterans and their spouses to support them during their job search