Ex-Military Talent Invited To Bradley-Morris’ November/December Civilian Jobs Hiring Conferences

Devra Henderson
Bradley-Morris, Inc. & RecruitMilitary

Host cities for ex-military seeking civilian jobs include Atlanta, GA; Chicago, IL; Norfolk, VA; San Diego, CA; and Austin, TX

Atlanta, Georgia, October 8, 2006 – Bradley-Morris, Inc. (BMI), the largest military placement firm in the U.S., announced their November and December 2006 Hiring Conference schedule today. Events will take place on the following dates:

– November 13th and December 11th in Atlanta, GA
– November 20th in Chicago, IL
– December 4th in Norfolk, VA
– December 4th in San Diego, CA
– December 11th in Austin, TX

Job seekers currently experiencing military career transition will be presented with a slate of interview opportunities for positions such as leadership and management; project engineers; production engineers/supervisors; manufacturing engineers/managers; operations and logistics engineers/supervisors; electrical, mechanical and maintenance technicians; and field service technicians. There is no charge for ex-military who are seeking civilian jobs. The companies looking to fill these positions comprise Fortune 500 and emerging sector companies and are targeting military talent to add to their leadership, management training, diversity, technical talent and bench-strength programs.

”Bradley-Morris plays an important role for employers by constantly tracking the perpetual military talent pool,” said Shaun Bradley, co-CEO and president, Bradley-Morris, Inc. “When employers attend a BMI Hiring Conference, they are the beneficiaries of our tracking process by being able to secure employment from the crème of the crop, sometimes before the military job seeker has even transitioned from their service branch.”

Bradley-Morris is also releasing a military-hiring case study today that profiles a selected client success story. Employers who would like to review a copy of this case study can do so by making a request via the “Contact Us” employer form on www.Bradley-Morris.com. Alternatively, employers as well as members of the media can use the “info” email address on the Contact Us page to make a case study request.

“BMI Case Studies are designed to give employers a helpful overview of the impact a military-hiring program can have for their business,” said Sandy Morris, co-CEO and treasurer. “We are proud of how we partner with our clients to help them achieve their human capital goals, and are excited to be able to share some blueprints for success.”

About Bradley-Morris, Military Placement Firm

Bradley-Morris, Inc., the largest military placement firm in the U.S., expertly matches the top leadership, technical, operations and diversity candidates who are experiencing a military career transition with the leading civilian jobs in the Fortune 1000 and emerging company sectors. Our client-focused approach yields superior return-on-investment and results in a 96% customer service satisfaction rating from the valued companies that partner with us. In addition, 90% of our military job seekers receive interest from these companies by taking advantage of our free Hiring Conference process. Serving the U.S., Europe and Asia, Bradley-Morris is headquartered in metro-Atlanta, GA, and can be found on the web at www.Bradley-Morris.com.