THE “R” WORD – Economic Recession and the Military

Are we in a recession?  Are we headed for one?  Ask enough “experts” and you can get whatever answer you like.  Regardless of the answer, military personnel who are in the separation pipeline or thinking about entering it need to consider the impact of the R word on their job search.

I have been through three of them and in every case the following universal truth stands up:  QUANTITY may suffer, but QUALITY will not.  No matter what the economy is doing, high quality companies will continue to hire high quality candidates.  High quality job seekers like the ones who utilize the services of might see a dip in the number of interviews and job offers, but the quality of those opportunities will remain high during a recession.  Another way to look at it is this.  Great candidates will continue to find great opportunities; good candidates will have to work harder and/or be more flexible in order to compete; average or below average candidates should reconsider any plans to get out.

Do you know which category defines you? Take a look at your performance evaluations. Where are you ranked among your peers? Another way to determine that is to talk with a representative of one of the top-flight military-to-civilian placement companies and ask for an appraisal of your marketability in this economy — no sugar coating, please. The recruiters at Bradley-Morris, Inc., have their fingers on the pulse of the hiring market.