SkillBridge FAQs

####How do servicemembers apply to become participants in the RecruitMilitary SkillBridge Program?

[Apply through our job board.](

####Who authorizes a servicemember's participation in this program?

See the DOD FAQ below for specific authorization processes. Transitioning servicemembers are encouraged to start the application process early and monitor its progress closely to ensure they have their packet complete and processed in a timely manner.

####Are these opportunities limited to the installation where a servicemember is assigned or are servicemembers able to participate in opportunities other than where they are assigned?

RecruitMilitary DOD SkillBridge opportunities are unique in that they are fully remote. While opportunities exist for servicemembers to travel for events, no travel is required. Servicemembers participate from the comfort of their personal workspace so long as they have a reliable Wi-Fi connection.

####Are RecruitMilitary interns required to use their own computers and phones to participate?

No. As long as the RecruitMilitary SkillBridge team has an approved application packet with all command signatures at least two weeks prior to the designated start date, the intern will be shipped a computer with all necessary software as well as any required assets.

The RecruitMilitary IT teams will contact the intern ahead of the start date and remotely set up accounts. At the end of the internship, all equipment is expected to be returned to RecruitMilitary intact. Shipping arrangements are at no cost to the participant.

####Can I participate if I am OCONUS?

Yes. Transitioning servicemembers outside of the continental United States are eligible to participate under certain conditions. Participants must be willing to adhere to a Monday through Friday, 9-5 EST workday schedule, regardless of the time zone where they reside.

Because additional time may be required to ship computers, OCONUS participants must submit completed application packets to the RecruitMilitary DOD SkillBridge team earlier than CONUS applicants.

####Will I be hired by RecruitMilitary at the end of my internship?

While no DOD SkillBridge Program can guarantee employment, RecruitMilitary is dedicated to finding an employment opportunity for all program participants.

Toward the end of their internships, program participants work one-on-one with mentors to identify relevant open roles within the RecruitMilitary network of over 16,000 employer partners. Interns receive assistance tailoring their resumes and preparing for interviews while RecruitMilitary client success managers facilitate direct connections with employers. Whether an intern is retained for employment with RecruitMilitary or connected with a partner company, securing an opportunity for every intern is our highest priority.